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22 Mar, 2018 02:37 By: Matt Trevett


Quick fire questions

Why have Photographers at my Race?

Races are an experience and competitors love looking back fondly at this so why not give them a memory that associates them with how much they loved your event!

How much does it cost me?

It can be FREE, photographers such as our Partners at Sports Action Photo turn up and take pictures at your race and then offer them for sale post event.  You will also get a Race Directors gallery of photos to include in next year’s marketing activity.

Is my event too small for Race Photography?

Of course not.  All events can benefit. Why not use this year’s race pictures to grow your entries for next year? Social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great places to post content like this.

What’s involved in planning my Race and including Photographers?

You are the Race Organiser, so you get to decide.  For example, do you want pictures of the scenic sights with your runners behind or shots alongside the river? You identify the key parts of your route and just tell them where you want the photographer to be.  If your participants loop around the same area twice then that’s double the pictures from the same Photographer!


How will this help you?

  • It provides you with more content to market your race and share on your social platforms, attracting new participants year on year.
  • Allows entrants to see themselves and others at your race, tag friends, remember your event and increase the likelihood of them leaving positive feedback.
  • If you are selling the photos yourself then you can make some money off every sale.
  • We can refer you onto Sports Action Photo and give you some guidance on how much photography coverage a race of your size should opt for.


The checklist

1. Where to use your Race Photography and how to market effectively.

You can use your photography images on your website, social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat or on any print media such as leaflets, store windows or magazine adverts*. Have a look through the images you have and work out which pictures best communicate the message you are trying to portray.  A photograph of lots of your participants together could show how big your event is or has grown, an image of someone with their medal shows the joy of achievement at the finish line, or maybe a team of likeminded entrants, or perhaps those promoting a cause, shows your race is welcoming and open to people of all abilities.

When selecting images for each platform and placing them, be careful to make sure they relate to any other page content or advertising message that you are trying to get across. Make the visual message meaningful - if you are revealing a new medal then use a picture of the new medal in your posts; if you want to tell people entries are closing soon then use a picture that shows that ‘finish line feeling’ so it prompts others to enter. If you are marketing on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you should make sure the images are Hi Res and are sized to fit the allowed space correctly.


2. Planning your Photography leading up to and on Race Day

When you have your chosen photographers, you should be thinking ahead to next year’s race and the type of pictures you think will be useful to your runners and consider your marketing strategy. What are the highlights on your route? Are you closing roads and want shots of this in the town? Perhaps there is a famous landmark that would make a nice backdrop and suits the theme of your race. Showing scenery can say lots about your terrain.  You should let your photographers know where you want them placed (baring the logistics add up!) to make sure you can not only get shots of each individual participant but also groups and highlights of your event. If there are areas where the participants come around twice then you can place one photographer there to capture shots on the outward and return legs, things like this can help increase sales and give runners more options to purchase photos. On race day itself, make sure your photographers have got access to all the areas they need to be, whether they need special passes or access through road closures if you make sure they have all this ready then you can just leave them to it.

3. How to improve Photography settings

If you have sponsors, you will need to raise their profile of course.  An easy way is to place a pop-up stand or logo board at the finish line and use this as a backdrop for photographs of finishers with medals and encourage people to post with their medals on. Or why not buy some pre-designed photo frame cut outs with your Instagram branding on and scatted these around your finish area for people to use? You can’t control the weather, but you can add little extras to help bring out all the emotions your finishers are feeling!

4. Promoting your Pictures post Event

Whether you make money from the photography sales or the company you hire for free does, you will want to promote these images and push these out to your entrants as soon as you can after your event. It is important that you take advantage of, and prolong, the post-race euphoria after your race.  Capture interest and put up links to the photography gallery across your social media presence and in marketing emails and on your website is another way of doing this. The buzz around your event will generally slowly die down the week or so after so you want to maintain interest and remind your participants how good your race was as much as possible! If you open for entries soon after this is also a great chance to get new participants entered quickly and others returning for next year. Make sure you also update your website with all your new images, so it keeps it fresh and appealing to new traffic you are driving there.

5. Secret tricks!

If you want to capture a special moment to create a PR craze at your event then you could email all your entrants** and ask if someone has a birthday on that day, is running for a charity cause or maybe someone is even planning to propose! (It happens...) If they do, then you can plan to have someone capture a special moment and release these pictures to the public. Tag this with a nice story and your event could be on the front page of the local paper!

We’re here to help

If you have any questions or would like some help and advice around using your Race Photography you can contact

*From 28 May 2018 all marketing emails will need to be compliant with the new GDPR regulations ie you will need opt in permissions to contact.  If you are unsure about the implications of this Eventrac can offer some guidance on this.

On Hand To Help

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