Increasing Entries for The Pendle Running Festival

14 Jun, 2018 12:19 By: Matt Trevett


Increasing Entries for The Pendle Running Festival

At eventrac we love a challenge, when the Race Director for the Pendle Running Festival came to us and asked us to help with Facebook ads we were all too willing to assist. Facebook ads can be daunting without knowing what you are doing and like any marketing campaign there is always the risk of upfront spend without a return on your investment. It is crucial that you get your ads right from the start and converting the interest you gain into paying entrants and there are simple and effective ways you can do that without having to be social media whizz!

We took the time to talk Molly (Race Director for Pendle Running Festival) through the ad set up from start to finish and made sure she was aware of how to do this herself in future. We advised on everything from audience targeting, ad creative to fine tuning her budget spend which we set at £5 per day, lowering the risk until we converted paid entries. Once we were happy we launched the ad and monitored this each day to make sure it was performing how we wanted. We use the eventrac tracking links to check exactly which sign ups come from the Facebook ad and we were able to feed this back in real time through the platform to Molly and the team.

We saw an immediate increase in entries over the weekend we launched and even more interest building around the event on Facebook which increases the chance of future organic entries. There was no need to scale up the ad spend as this was performing well and accumulating the number of entrants we set out to achieve. We are delighted that races of all size and ambition can benefit off of our knowledge of Facebook ads and we urge organisers to give this a go as part of their marketing strategy.


Just look at the results for yourself!


eventrac, Increasing Entries for The Pendle Running Festival


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