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Img Athlete Gender Age
Margaret Slade Female 41-50
Alex Zimmermann Male 31-40
Stuart Macdougall Male 31-40
Richard Morris Male 41-50
Rose Penfold Female 18-30
Paul Quilter Male 31-40
Rebecca Lister Female 18-30
Chris Cooper Male 18-30
Tomoko KIKUCHI Female 51-60
Gina Edmonds Female 18-30
Emily Clarke Female 18-30
Bob Lynam Male 61-70
Nathaniel Hicks Male 18-30
Nicholas Thomas Male 18-30
Leo Palazzuoli Male 41-50
James Coleman Male 31-40
Justin BATEMAN Male 41-50
Stewart McAndie Male 41-50
Cat Simpson Female 31-40
John Grigg Male 61-70


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Sri Chinmoy 5K Series Rapid Rabbit 5
Starts in 2 days
Sri Chinmoy 10K Series Mid Summer 10
Starts in 6 days
Sri Chinmoy 5K Series Speedy Steeds 5
Starts in 9 days