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Our online #GBUltras Coaching team of Charlie, Emma & Mat have been taking part in Races around the globe and have the experience to help you to reach your highest potential.

After the initial consultation lasting approximately an hour, your Coach designs a highly bespoke training program tailor made for you and then helps you put it into action. Whatever level your at, the Coach has the experience to help you achieve your goal.

Regardless of whether your new to ultra-running or an experienced hand that is specifically focusing on a particular event, the #GBUltras Coaches can help get you there. Some runners empathise remaining injury free, improving their form, discipline and training regime and the results follow.

Initially we ask you to fill the Consultation Form below. Once you have submitted it, we will contact you with our initial thoughts and get you to give us as much detail as possible about your past racing and training experiences, daily life, strengths, past injuries, goals and ambitions.

We then schedule the initial call, to gain more insight and to openly discuss your program and within 24 hours, you will receive the first two weeks of your training plan. Your coach will have the majority of the contact with you through email, Skype/ phone calls.

We construct a day by day training program bespoke to you, taking into account your goal race and work/ life commitments. You do the training and at the end of each day or week we go over everything with you. We then adapt the following week's schedule based on your feedback so that every day/ week of your training is optimised towards getting you in the best shape possible to achieve your goals.

Everything we send to you is based on the information that you give to us. No two training plans are alike because your goals as a runner and available time to train and race are different from the next person's.

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