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COVID-19: Eventrac Update Blog COVID-19: Eventrac Update Read more
How to Publish your Race Results Platform Guides How to Publish your Race Results Read more
How to Approve and Manage Race Reviews Platform Guides How to Approve and Manage Race Reviews Read more
How to Download Participant Data Platform Guides How to Download Participant Data Read more
Writing a sound Race Risk Assesment Knowledge Base Whoever said “the difference between reckless and risk is planning” knew what they were talking about. If you are managing a race, a risk management plan needs to be in place.  Read more
Working with the Local Council, SAG’s and Highways Knowledge Base Setting up your first road race can be tough. But getting the support of the council and the local community will set you up for success. Read more
Race Timing: Know your Options Knowledge Base What timing solution is best for my event? Read more
Race Supplies - Finding Quality and Value Knowledge Base Finding good quality but value race items can be a challenge, but if you get it right and you find some good suppliers that you can rely on, it can help your budget AND your race swag. Read more
Ordering Race Supplies Online Knowledge Base Finding the best value/quality items for your race. Read more
Managing your Events Team Knowledge Base While many event planners work independently, and with great success, it’s important to understand the value of a well-formed functional team. Read more
Managing Race Reviews and Feedback Knowledge Base How do you approach a post-race evaluation? Read more
Integrating your Race with the Local Community Knowledge Base The importance of having a buy-in from the local community for your event Read more
Finding Volunteers for your Event Knowledge Base Volunteers can make or break your event, especially in the sports sector. Read more
Creating an Eco-Friendly Race Knowledge Base ‘Run a Great Race. Leave no Trace’ - Happy Planet Running  Read more
Capture your Race Knowledge Base Photographers and videographers at your race are key to creating good content for you to use after your event. Read more
Canceling your Race and what Measures to Take Knowledge Base Even despite the best planning efforts, sometimes the stars don’t align and you might have to cancel. Read more
Branding up your Event Knowledge Base Branding is what your events look and feel like. Make it memorable! Read more
5 Focus Areas for Handling Event Emergencies Knowledge Base In preparing for emergencies that affect mass participation events such as a marathon, race directors and their staff members need to account for the unexpected. Read more

On Hand To Help

The team at eventrac are on hand to assist with all components of your event. From advice on promoting your event through low cost channels such as social media, to a guided tutorial on a specific feature of eventrac. We are here to help.

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