1 - 2 - 1 Personal Training BLOCK of 10 sessions


Personal Coaching is just that, it's personal. Training plans, what to eat advice, workouts are widely available but they don't take in to account one critical factor. YOU.
 They don't know that you find motivating yourself hard, your likes and dislikes, that actually you need to improve your technique before you do that half marathon and they don't take into account that you may not have the confidence to join that gym or club.

When I work with people, the first thing I do is listen to what they want to achieve and help them turn this into clear, realistic goals. I ask them about their lifestyle, what works for them and also what does not, how often they can do exercise and we look at the bigger picture of how much sleep they are getting, what are they eating and what would help keep them motivated beyond working with me. 

The more personal a plan the more likely you are going to achieve your goals. I don't have the magic wand to getting fitter or getting that PB. It demands hard work and determination but with personal coaching and my support you will get there faster. 

What you get from me:
 - Varied training sessions generally based out of doors in the beautiful countryside. 
- Coaching sessions designed to meet your goals. Whether it be to start running, train for parkrun, bag a trail marathon PB or brush up on technical skills such as downhill running. 
-  Regular contact via email, text, Skype - I will check how you are doing and likewise you can tell me if you need some motivation or ask questions
- Nutrition advice based on up to date healthy eating recommendations.

- An appropriate training plan designed with you for you. 
- Enthusiasm and humour - if there is no laughter the chances are you won't stick at it
- Your own personal bag of motivation and positivity!

What I would like from you:
- Regular open and honest communication. If it's not working for you, I would like to know
- Commitment to sessions 

If you think a series of sessions will give you the kick start and confidence you need to stay motivated then book a block of 10 sessions: £450 (discounted)

For a free consultation please get in touch. I am always very happy to have a chat on the phone or via email if you have any questions.


tel: 07946 637584