Be Kind Virtual Run

Be Kind Virtual Run

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to cripple the world, having devastating impacts on health, mobility, businesses, charities and families. On the frontline the NHS, police, social workers, fire service, delivery drivers, shop workers, care workers, cleaners and those in the private sector doing good things continue to care for us and keep us safe (if we've missed you out please know that you're appreciated). On the event's front, the Spring and Summer race calendar has been wiped out with most if not all events being cancelled leaving thousands of runners without a race to look forward to.

The Breaking Strain Be Kind Virtual Run is a  virtual  race that can be run (or walked) straight from your front door.  You get to run your own race, at your own pace, building your mileage as you go. We have three distances to choose from: Marathon, 50 miles or 100 miles.

All we'd ask is that you follow all relevant government guidance surrounding the one period of exercise and maintain social distancing measures. Use common sense and act as though you have the virus already. The BSE race community has been hugely supportive over the years (if you're new to us then hi!) contributing over £1.8 million to various good causes through our events and treks. Let's keep that going.

Some of the benefits of signing up to the Be Kind Virtual Run:

  1. Keeps you active (in line with current government guidance around one period of exercise a day) and motivated and gives you a target for your training. If you're anything like us you're slowly turning in to cake. 
  2. Supports two family-run businesses during the worst of times. Instead of receiving a medal at the end of the event you can opt to receive either a 250g bag of coffee from Santu Coffee or a box of loose leaf tea from Eteaket. You get an awesome brew and they get your support at a time when they need it.
  3. If you'd rather donate to charity then we have a list of incredible charities who are struggling during unprecedented times. Many of their staff have been furloughed (many of these guys have become friends over the years), fundraising events are being cancelled, donations are down and due to social distancing measures, many of their core functions supporting those in need can't be fulfilled. By donating you help them weather the storm.


  • Run only once a day

    Only one run per day counts towards your total. This can be done on a treadmill or during the current period of Coronavirus lockdown as part of your one period of your daily exercise. Remember to follow all guidance from the government around social distancing.

  • Who can take part?

    Everybody. We think this event is a great opportunity to virtually bring family, friends and co-workers together with a common purpose. We also recognise the benefits of exercise in promoting mental wellbeing especially in these uncertain times. If young people under 16 are signing up then we’d recommend that they run with an adult to ensure appropriate social distancing.

  • How long do I have to do my distance?

    You have 31 days from sign up to complete your chosen distance.The last day of the virtual event will be 31 May 2020. Once you’ve completed your distance drop us a message using the online submission form accessed from the button on this page (above).

  • How do I get my coffee/tea?

    Your chosen product will be sent directly to your house. Please ensure that the address provided when you register for the event is correct.

  • I chose to donate to charity, how does this get to the charity?

    Once you enter, we’ll donate directly to your nominated charity immediately. This means the charity gets the funds when they most need them.

  • Do I need to use a fitness tracker like Strava to track my mileage?

    No, we trust you! However, there are loads of free fitness trackers that you can use and it might be a good way to show your friends and sponsors all the effort you are putting in.

  • Is there a set location or venue for this event?

    No. This is a virtual event, so you can do your miles straight from your front door and at any time. Remember that during the current Coronavirus lockdown to avoid meeting others, including friends and family and stay at least 6 feet away from others.

  • Wash your hands when you get home




N/A - virtual event. Run anywhere.