Bewl Water

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Anonymous Published: 28/09/2021
Title: Nice scenery, very poor organisation
The joy of the scenery completely wiped out by the shocking incompetence and terrible, unsafe organisation of this race. Gates and barriers you need to run through are closed on the path, there is no route guidance for miles as you run in forest/wooded area unsure whether you are still on the course, no-one present - and no directions offered - at various junctions/path divergence points, resulting in people getting lost (I spoke to two, witnessed four) and going in the wrong direction, having to come back. No marshals apart from one or two during the entire race, putting people's health and safety at risk by not being aware what's going on on the course: you often run on your own, secluded, in wooded areas, with no concern for your safety by the organisers. Two distance markers over 13.1 miles, you have no idea how far you are/you have come most of the time. I decided I would sooner forget that I ever had the misfortune to enter so decided not to finish, even though I was running in second place up until 10 miles. Unless you are a local and know the course, don't bother. Worst race I've ever been to. Complained to organiser, got back a dismissive email. No care for runners here. Avoid
Anonymous Published: 21/01/2018
Title: Half Marathon Report
Bewl Water is a fantastic venue for running events. The route around the reservoir is extremely bucolic.

This was my fist time racing the Bewl Water Half Marathon and unfortunately the organisation was poor. There was only a single registration table handing out bibs for four events, so the queue became huge. This resulted in the starting time for the HM being put back by half an hour to 10:30, which we were told while near the front of the queue. Then as I was walking down to the start, along with plenty of other HM entrants, the HM was started at about 10:25!!! While this wouldn't affect the chip time, it completely throws any preparation for the race out of the window, so was not a pleasant way to start the event.

In future, please please please have several registration desks, one for each event. And if you're going to delay an event, stick to the new time!

Otherwise, an enjoyable day out. Good food/drink stations along the course, pretty easy route directions all around, some nasty little hills along the course.

Also, when are results published??? Please try and be quick with publishing them.
Anonymous Published: 21/01/2018
Title: Race Experience–10k
Although I absolutely loved the course, the organisation let it down massively.

Not only was it delayed but at the beginning the supporting crowds, 10k and half marathon runners were getting in the way of the ultra/marathon runners who had to keep stopping in order to get through, not ideal! In fact the whole start/finish line was a bit chaotic...we started the 10k race whilst other runners were coming though still which resulted in a few clashes and bumps as everyone jostled for a place...I overheard a few people saying 'this is ridiculous!'

The finish was equally as bad when all the 10k runners had finished they were then getting in the way of the half marathon runners! 

Might be better next year to split the start and finish line...

Medals, refreshments and setting were all spot on though, I also liked the van with the race times that was a nice touch.

Anonymous Published: 21/01/2018
Title: Lovely setting - not the best organised
Bewl Water 1/2 2018 - This was my first half marathon. I arrived in plenty of time  but then had to queue for over 40 mins to get my number, raced down to the start to be told the race had been delayed for 30 mins! Unsure why seen as the race is time chipped! As we were waiting the ultra runners came running passed a little lost and bemused .. there was a distinct lack of Marshall’s pointing them in the right direction.. my partner stepped in and pointed them the correct way , there is where he stayed for the duration of my run. When we got started it was great, the course was challenging but fun! The drink stops were great , people were friendly and encouraging.  
Due to the late start the 10km runners started just as we looped round the start which was a bit of a free for all but hey ho.  At the end my Strava has recorded 13.7 miles so I think maybe the loop at the beginning was not for the 13.2 milers but just for the 10km .. a little extra for the legs ( no harm done ) 
would I do it again - yes for sure .. if anything it has made me want to help Marshall more events - These are the people that make these events run smooth and this is the only thing that let Bewl water 1/2 down. 

I now have a PB for a 1/2 marathon - I’ve set myself a goal to beat.  I’m sure on a flat race I can do it. 
What I learnt from this race .. choose your trainers wisely when running off road .. I was a slipping all over the place as the heavens opened as soon as we started . Oooops 

Anonymous Published: 21/01/2018
Title: Great start to marathon running
Bewl water has got to be one of the most scenic routes out there! 
The course was tough but the atmosphere was great.
only downside was lack of snacks at the end?!
Anonymous Published: 21/01/2018
Title: Not a good day
it did not start well as the race was delayed and the reason could not be heard as the PA system was poor. Then the race makers. Some were poorly placed and no mile markers. Then feed stations were poor as you had to stop to work out which fluids you were taking on. Next was the state of the course, too much mud and unsafe tracks.
did I enjoy it? No
willi do it again? No
willi reccommend IT? No
Anonymous Published: 21/01/2018
Title: Great location - poor organisation
  • Beautiful course, even in the rain. Nice undulations, not too hilly and would like to come back to run the marathon distance.
  • Great medal!
  • Great site for HQ, plenty of toilets, changing facilities, on-site cafe, car-parking.

  • Registration and the start organisation was farcical (Dave Ross please note!). The half and 10Km race starts were too close together which meant HUGE queues just to collect bibs and timing ankle-chips. We started queuing at 0930, didn't get our bibs until 1020 and by the time we jogged down to the start line, the Half had already started! Bad communication between the start line and HQ. Why not start the 10Km an hour later and give the organisers time to sort out one race before the next?
  • A number of runners still wearing headphones contrary to the rules - no visible enforcement on the day. Are they DQ'd based on photos?
  • No goody bag? Nothing at the finish line, or back at HQ. Did i miss this? Disappointed with myself if I missed it, but not the end of the world.

Anonymous Published: 21/01/2018
Title: Beautiful 10K
What beautiful scenery! This was my first 10K race in a while due to injuries and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The course was great, the marshals helpful and enthusiastic. At the 10K first loop they made it clear where we should go as the half marathons were also at that point and going straight on: well done guys & gals. It was a pity that the start was delayed but these things happen.  I would certainly run this race again.  Some suggestions which you no doubt have already taken on board:  More people upon the registration table.  Separate tables for the different events with clear signage so that runners queue at the correct table and the quest are therefore shorter. Thanks again for a great race.
Anonymous Published: 09/08/2017
Title: Brilliant Race
The race was really well organised, sign-posted and marshalled, and the route was stunning. The drink and food stations were at exactly the right places and all the people handing out the (amazing) chia flapjacks and electrolyte drinks were really energetic and encouraging! The 3-lap style of the race could be off-putting but it was actually really good!
The only complaint I would have is that the GPS ankle tracker was quite uncomfortable and left some nasty cuts on both ankles (I swapped ankles after a lap!) - this is would be easily prevented by wearing socks that go above the ankle.
Other than that - great day!! 
Anonymous Published: 09/08/2017
Title: Fantastic event as always
Really enjoyed the day and the organisers and all the marshals were all fantastic 
Anonymous Published: 09/08/2017
Title: Scenic, low-key and friendly
Although the terrain is *somewhat* technical/undulating in places, the vast majority of this two-lap event is very accessible.
The marathon version of the event went off without a hitch, but I rather think the organisers bit off more than they can chew by accepting so many runners for the half marathon – their race start was delayed, and many were in rather low spirits after half an hour waiting in the rain.
The marshals (teenagers, for the most part) were organised and helpful. And one really cannot fault the scenery...
Anonymous Published: 09/08/2017
Title: Wonderful route
This was my first time of running this race and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Wonderful scenery, great route plus cheerful and helpful marshals.  Will certainly enter this race again next year.
Anonymous Published: 09/08/2017
Title: Nice route, poor organisation
Lovely route and nice conditions. However, the start was delayed by half an hour (very long/slow queue to register), we appeared to be sent the wrong way at the start and therefore completed 13.5 miles (numerous GPS watches support this/ longer than last year) and there were only three drinks stations on the course.
Anonymous Published: 09/08/2017
Title: Great scenery. Nice atmosphere.
Very enjoyable. Ran with the wife and friends. 
Anonymous Published: 09/08/2017
Title: Hilly trail run
Wonderful to actually have enough toilets at start of a race. Very disorganised start with both 10k and half marathon going off at same time. Lots of runners went the wrong way initially, with marathon runners unable to get past easily on their second lap as progress blocked due to half hour delay for other races. Delay occurred as took an extremely long time to get race number and chip. Not enough marshals on the course to allow for timely medical intervention if needed. Twice we had to shout at other runners who had gone the wrong way as course not clearly marked.

Anonymous Published: 09/08/2017
Title: Clogged
Hi, I don’t like leaving negative reviews but it seems like threre were some key problems. We were told to start late as the queue was moving so slow. My friend and I were at the queue an hour before the start and managed to just walk down to the start on time to be told there would be half an hour delay. There were no roped off area for runners so while everyone grouped around the start, some with friends with buggies/ Pushchairs etc the ultra and marathon runners had to get around people just standing about. This was very bad. The runners were noticeably not happy. It wouldn’t take a lot to put some cones up with some rope to have runners go one side and others the opposite side. When we did start the race it was so congested, dangerously so. I don’t know why you wouldn’t let say groups of 20 go every 30 seconds. It was not good. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be returning for this event which is a shame as it’s local and the last reviews I read from last year were positive.
Anonymous Published: 09/08/2017
Title: poorly organised
start was delayed due to very poor organisation only 3 people registtering all the runners. No marshalls on the course, very rutted small tracks more of a cross country route than a normal run. Disappointed and won’t be doing it again but all the other runners we’re lovely big up the running community! 
Anonymous Published: 09/08/2017
Title: What a beautiful but brutal run

I really enjoyed the scenery. the atmosphere was great. It was very well organised and the runners seemed really nice. I will definitely  come back and run the 1/2 marathon next year with a bit more training.

Anonymous Published: 09/08/2017
Title: Just a few things...

Just a few things...

1. Race day participants having to pay for parking, I felt that I had already paid for my ticket and it should of been included in the ticket price. I understand spectators should pay, but not race day participants.

2. When arriving myself and my partner gave enough time to get checked in, so we got through with enough time and was ready for 10:00am start, but we had noticed when we was walking down that the queue was out of the door and thought there is possibly going to be a delay, this could of been prevented if there was more than 1 person checking people in, the half marathon clearly had more attendance as myself and my partner new via the event website, so we thought this could of been handled better as this then led to the start time starting 30 minutes later at 10:30am. This isn't acceptable, as runners would have prepared for that start time with eating the correct amount of food and warming up their bodies, considering the weather was cold and miserable it was frustrating as we was on the line ready to go and then the delay happened so the warming up process would have to happen again. As the racers are timed from their timing chip, once it hit 10:00am it was the runners responsibility to get their on time, so it goes ahead at race time and if people are delayed they start later, not the people who are warmed up, ready to go, they have prepared for that start time.

3. More staff, there wasn't enough staff members to direct people to where the start line was, even though you sent an email giving information on this, it would of been useful if there was either more signage or another steward at the top where people where signing in and being directed where to go, it would of made the process much easier for race starters.
4. Start line/finish line, it must of been very frustrating for the Ultra-Marathon and Marathon were having to dodge through the crowds of runners waiting for the Half-Marathon to start, this could of taken them off of their pace and timings, this could of been organised better, with having a clear barrier for people to run past, not having to walk through families with buggies, dogs and other participants.

Kind regards

Loretta Davison