Big Bear Virtual Challenge

Virtual Event

We miss our runners and our events! We miss being able to give you a medal, beer and flapjack as you ring that bell at the end of your event. Those big smiles and relieved faces! So, we're a little late to the party but we're going to be trying to do the next best thing - a virtual challenge.
We'll send out the medal of your choice (see below), a slice of Rugby Real Bread flapjack and a bottle of beer, cider or juice - just like at our events! We're also going to be taking 20% of the entry fee and using it to donate food to our local foodbank here in Rugby to help those in the most need. If you don't wish to have the flapjack and drink use the discount code - "nodrinkorflapjack" - to receive £5 off your entry, we'll then just send a medal out to you.
We are going to be using some of our favourite medals for this challenge, which means there is limited supply with all of them. You'll have to get in quick before your desired medal sells out!
The process is simple. You sign up to the event and we will send your package out in the post. Once it arrives it is then up to you when you run, how far you run and where you run (within government guidelines of course). By sending the medal and goodies out before you've completed the run this means you can be out on your run knowing that the medal, flapjack and drink is sitting waiting for you at home once you've finished!
Once you have completed your run email us a screenshot of your strava, garmin etc and a picture with you and your medal and we'll add you to the evolving results page. There is no minimum distance so it could be a great way to get your kids involved too (minus the alcohol of course!).
Of course this requires a bit of honesty on your part but we know we only have lovely runners and no-one could drink a beer with "you've earnt this" on it if they haven't in good faith!!
We can't wait to see all the pictures!
** Please note we'll be adding special Big Bear Virtual Challenge lanyards to all medals sent out**