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Next Race: 01/08/2022

Pittencrieff Park

And now for something COMPLETELY different!


Why not mix a lovely 5km run in the beautiful surroundings of Pittencrieff Park with six short, sharp, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, each of which professionally timed to give you a complete record of your experience.


Incorporating some of the most scenic tracks through the park, this lovely 5km running route will be "rudely" interrupted with:-

1. The Thigh Burner. From the meandering Tower Burn, climb the 80 steps up to the majestic Glasshouses

2. The Adrenalin Pumper. Give it your utmost and sprint for 100m on the flat straight adjoining the lovely walled garden

3. The Lung Buster. From the bottom of the park, push yourself up the meandering uphill path to the famous Peacock House

And, to make things even better, you get to do these TWICE! And each “stage” will be accurately timed so you can compare your times with your mates and club colleagues.. Results will be published on the website immediately after you cross the line.

Once you have handed back your timing chip and strap, you will be given your unique goody bag, including a customised “HIIT In The Park” snood (which could be used as a handy face covering), a lovely ceramic commemorative mug, and a bottle of water.

And now for the less interesting, but most important bits…

This event is brought to you by Perfect Timing Scotland, one of the country's leading professinal timing companies, timing around 100 events per (normal) year. In these troubled times, we know people are desperate to take part in organised fitness activities and, as we have a wealth of equipment and experience at our disposal,  we have worked tirelessly to ensure we can stage this event safely whilst adhering to government guidelines.

The entry field will be restricted to 150. You will be given a specific registration time (registration will be spread over an hours period) and once you enter the Event Village for registration, you will be asked to show your Covid-19 health form stating you have no symptoms and put your mask on. You will then move in conveyor belt fashion though the event village, maintaining 2m social distancing at all times where you will get your timing chip and ankle strap and then joining the “rolling start” queue. Once at the front of the queue, you will be allowed to remove your mask (keeping it in your pocket or around your wrist, before starting your experience. People will start in pairs, 2m apart. When you return across the finish line you will be asked to put your mask back on as you return your chip/strap, and collect your goodie bag, before leaving the event village and the jurisdiction of the event

You will be encouraged to bring your own mask to the event , and your own refreshments. We are aiming this event at local people as facilities will be significantly impacted due to Covid-19 concerns. There will be no toilet facilities provided, no bag drop, and no water along the route. Water bottles will be available at the finish.

We are keen to stage an innovative event that will help satiate people's urge to "get out and do something". However, as you can imagine, we don’t know what is round the corner but, nevertheless, we have costs which we have already had to cover, and other costs which will arise, no matter whether the event goes ahead or not. All we ask from you is that, if we are forced to cancel, you will be able to get a refund, but minus any applicable admin fees that we are faced with. So, with the entry fee at £15 (not including the 4% admin sign up fee you pay), you will be refunded with £14.40 (£15, less the 4% admin fee to process the refund). We hope you understand our position.





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