Draycote Water

Draycote Water, Kites Hardwick, RUGBY. CV23 8AB

Anonymous Published: 20/08/2019
Title: Calf injury (right).
Calf injury (right).
Anonymous Published: 19/06/2019
Title: second 5k
a nice course to run on , i beat my p/b by 1 min 25 seconds,  & as i am 66 do not think that was too bad .my nest 5k will be in blackpool in august.
Anonymous Published: 19/06/2019
Title: First race experience
Anonymous Published: 31/10/2018
Title: First 10k
Anonymous Published: 31/10/2018
Title: 7 at 7 at 7
Excellent run, Nice t shirt at the end
Anonymous Published: 31/10/2018
Title: 10k PB
Got 10k PB on this race, hard towards the last mile
Anonymous Published: 11/08/2017
Title: Great Event
My first time at this event was GREAT.
... Lovely people, lovely course (got a PB), ... VERY well organised.
I'll definitely be back. (... but will arrive earlier next time).
Great Job & Thanks ...