Exeter 10k

Next Race: 26/02/2023

Anonymous Published: 02/10/2018
Title: Running for ‘The Tomathon’
Great race, finished in good time! No pain! 
Anonymous Published: 22/02/2018
Title: First time at Exeter 10k
Agree toilets were an issue and disappointed results not yet available but enjoyed the route. Understandably many people out enjoying the sunshine but made dodging a new skill to practice. 
Anonymous Published: 22/02/2018
Title: Still waiting for my time ........

Route was fine, familiar to me from park run.  Cheap event to enter which is refreshing.... but felt there was a lack of signage and marshals.... I help with  a lot of races and thought this rather thin on the ground. 
Easy to book. 
Anonymous Published: 12/10/2017
Title: Good day
I attended the Exeter 10k, really enjoyed the route however the toilets was a problem.