Isle of Wight Festival of Running 2020

Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: A Hot Day!
It was probably the most exciting time of my life. It was my first race ever and i did two laps with my Dad. It was the best thing i have achieved and really enjoyed myself. I was very hot and tired afterwards but was really proud of myself and love my medal and certificate.
Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: My favourite Half Marathon Course!
It was a gloriously hot day, too hot for running but I just enjoyed it rather than pushing for a PB and it was my favourite half marathon. The course changes all of the time which keeps things interesting there are hills, steps, kissing gates, beaches, pavements, forests the course has got it all. Extraordinary views! The marshals were wonderful and motivating. The spectators along the majority of the route were brilliant, we even had a samba band to dance to at one point along the seafront. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole 13.1 miles and the medal is gorgeous too!!!
Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: Most amazing scenery 1/2 marathon

A very warm day. Have only done 1 half marathon previously and this one looked like quite a challenge with the varying hilly terrain.

Stunning views took your mind off the heat and hills . Bit of a disaster at 10k when I turned my ankle. Pain!! Decided to carry on and the scenery once again came to my aid. Uphill was ok , downhill and flat painful but was determined to finish. Managed to finish under  my estimated time despite the injury and claim my well earned medal. Happy to find physio and massage on offer at the finish. Really helped and gave me an ice pack too all for a nominal donation. 

Great run and would sign up again. Surely one of the most scenic runs anywhere in the UK.

Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: tough, fun, rewarded by beautiful countryside and spectacular views.
It's notably one of the most difficult races over mixed terrain, that I know of, and this year, the hot, hot weather added to the mix!! Although I have now done about 7 of these, this year's stands out as being the hottest, but, because of absence of mist, one of the most stunning areas to suffer a half marathon distance. Even the heat was forgotten at the top of the Tennyson monument, - 
I was so grateful that my Club mates had all opted for the half, having recently completed a marathon in France, otherwise I could have quite likely still been out there now, foot sore, weary and thirsty!!!

A great event, pity about not providing an extra water station, despite the conditions forecast, but I'll still be coming back in years to come.
Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: West White Running
The race was great, well organised and well marshalled. The scenery was beautiful even though the course was hard and the weather hot it was definitely worth it. I hadn’t done a race on the IOW before but I loved it as there was such a friendly atmosphere. Thank you very much. 
Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: Blistering hot Marathon!
One of the best marshalled events I've attended! All the Marshals (and there were lots of them!) were so friendly and encouraging, a big pat on the back to all of you, as runners in that heat we needed little morale boosts and you gave them. The signs and markers help massively (could have done with a few extra in the sheep field, I thought I had gone the wrong way at that point).
The aid stations being so close together at the end helped a lot too. 
The views and scenery were stunning, and made the long slog up the hills worth it! 
Also a quick thank you to my fellow runners, I was one of the slower ones, but every runner that past me on their return journey wished me well; that always helps! 
I am definitely considering returning next year.
My only request would be can you please  make the medal a tiny bit bigger? The bling matters when it's hanging on a wall at home !

Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: Race review
The Needles Half XC Marathon was my second event since having my first baby, my day started with a cup of tea, bowl of porridge and toast with peanut butter feeling fuelled and sipping water until I got out Freshwater.

With the start at 11am the heat was already bearing down on me as I cross the start line, heading out of the sports centre field and onto the main road everyone pounding their way along! 

The beach section was refreshing and the views amazing as always for the Island. 

I didn't struggle with the route but did need to walk at several points because of it being steep and other runners.

 I ran this race for the first time in 2015and throughly enjoyed it then. 

Well Marshalled event and everyone is kind and chatty. Thank you to the organisers and Marshall. 

Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: Top of the world!
This was my first time in the I.O.W. Festival of Running and I can confidently say it will not be my last! It was a tough, hot, hilly race but oh my! those views. I love love loved it. Running along the beach amongst day trippers eating ice creams as they cheered us on, the long but picturesque climb upwards - at each level thinking my goodness that must be the best view I’ve ever seen...until the next, and the next - and then, following a triumphant selfie at the Tennyson Monument and a steady run across the top of the island, the joy and childish exhilaration of free-running downhill to the glorious last mile. And the best bit? Running across the finish line hand in hand with my sister on her birthday. Memories are made of this.
Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: Good fun run

Good route, well organised and marshalled.

Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: excellent weekend and value for money

Dear festival organiser's 

Both myself and my partner had a great weekend competing in the 10k and half marathon,  I thought it was well organised and good value for money  .  The only improvement,s i could think of would be some mile markers and mabey some  running gear trade stands  . 

Also a big thank you to organisers and marshalls

On a separate issue i would have liked to have competed in the the solent swim on the 4th of August ,  but find the cost including sponsorship to expensive. 

Yours faithfully 

Ian hardaker 

Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: Challenging but scenic!
We entered the event before we realised how unfit we’d become, so race day came round sooner than expected....a horrible mainland winter hadn’t helped the training regime at all.
Luckily the weather on 3rd June was fabulous, so we found ourselves nervously limbering up on the start line and deciding that we’d give it a go, wherever the outcome. Luckily one of us isn’t competitive, so timing wasn’t a priority. We were just happy to support a friendly event and have fun on the day.
And what a day it was! A superb run, fabulous views, fantastic marshalls and organisation, brilliant camaraderie amongst the runners.....a truly memorable day. We were just happy to complete the course, whatever the times recorded. To run through families on the beach at Colwell and then up onto Headen Warren with spectacular views of the Needles, then up to the Tennyson Monument before the downhill finale back to Freshwater was a truly marvellous experience.
We’re tempted to consider the event for next year.....but we would want to guarantee similar weather conditions! Don’t worry  about PBs....there are too many steep hills for this to be a consideration. Just set off and enjoy. Take a camera and enjoy conversation with fellow runners en route.
Thanks to all the organisers. The support  was very much appreciated.
See you next year!
 Snanny,Trickyand Danny.

Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: A hot day for hills
Approx 300 runners started in hot clear skies with little or no wind. it was therefore a challenging course with a fair number of climbs. the route was well marked and marshalled with enough water stops. some runners clearly forgot to apply sun cream.
Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: Excellent Event
A very well organised event , many thanks to all the volunteers and Marshalls, a credit to the sports centre.
I am sure I speak for many who appreicated the course and scenery , a really good event which I would  certainly recommend along with the bonus of being in my home village.
Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: Hot & tough

 A fantastic run, a little hot with a few challenges on the way around, a fantastic medal on the finishing line. 

Anonymous Published: 15/12/2017
Title: Great event
Thank you for organising such a brilliant event. I felt it was very well organised, the marshals were all very motivating and helpful. I am looking forward to taking part in next year's running festival.