Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Next Race: 11/12/2021

The Last Drop, The Podium, 5 Thornton Street, LONDON. E20 2AD

Anonymous Published: 30/10/2018
Title: First family 10k - with wife and buggy
Great race everyone was friendly and supportive ... 

We will be back.
Anonymous Published: 30/10/2018
Title: Bloody hard
Did it
Anonymous Published: 30/10/2018
Title: First Time For Everything
Well it was my first 10k race (at least on my own... I was in the Ragnar with work, but that doesn't really count). Wasn't really sure what to expect, but found all the staff were really friendly and helpful and the setup was nice. I was surprised how many people were there as well. I've only been running since January, and have only done 10k a few times before when training for the relay, but today I was armed with some energetic music and wanted to set out to ty and get to the finish within 50 minutes which would be a new personal best.

The race started and I was immediately overtaken by quite a few people, but that was bound to happen to an amateur. I probably shouldn't have even been anywhere near the starting line, to be honest... And so it began. The first loop I was just finiding my way around. The marshalls were really encouraging and the only bit I didn't like as much was a sharp 180 along the canal, but the rest of the course had some nice parts to it. By the 6th km I already knew I was on track for a new PB and I was going to ease up, but thought to myself I could push on at pace.

Then the knee pain started... I have dodgy knees and I strike close to my heel, so 6k is where it normally starts anyway. Then the fatigue. That last loop was agonising. Trying to keep my pace and push myself to that new PB, running through the pain and trying to adjust my strike to more of a forefront one. It worked to a point. By the 9th km the pain had gone, or at least become duller and more ignorable. The finish line was close and whilst it wasn't possible to muster a sprint, I kept pace and as I crossed the line and saw the clock read 45 minutes and a few seconds, I knew that I'd smashed my previous record.

That was a very happy moment for me. Someone who's gone from zero to a 45 minute 10k in 9 months, lost 35kg in weight and initially hated running with a passion (which, I discovered, was down to only running on treadmills) I was now addicted. The email result came in, I've never felt prouder of myself and immediately signed up to the November run and the 5k Hallowe'en race. I started blogging my runs and have actually been fairly good at keeping it up to date as well. Running has changed my life for the better and I can't wait until my next race day.
Anonymous Published: 30/10/2018
Title: First 10K
Great experience and sense of accomplishment running my first 10K.

A well organised event at the QE Olympic Park.
Anonymous Published: 30/10/2018
Title: 1st 10k Run at olympic park

very warm. Started on time.

Sectional 16.5, 18, 17.5

Anonymous Published: 30/10/2018
Title: 1st race in England!!!
Emotional  and proud!   Our family on my Mums side are West Ham United fans!!
     Surreal  running around the stadium with my brother.  Well running behind him!!!
Well done. Thank you to the lovely woman volunteer who gave me  loads of crisps
Anonymous Published: 30/10/2018
Title: Micheal Osunsami Stepping All Over Cancer

Out of all of the races I’ve ran, this one by far was the most enjoyable as I paced myself well and left a lot for the end. It was great to see my colleagues cheering me on.

The difficult part for me was the heat on that day it was a hot hot hot!

I would like to thank Jennifer Joseph for her passion and resilience in organising this event.

Anonymous Published: 14/11/2017
Title: my first 10k race
just run

Anonymous Published: 13/01/2017
Title: First time 10k racer
I'm so glad that I choose the Race Organiser for my first ever 10k. I only took up running in April having realised I need to get myself fitter and although I've completed quite a few 5k's this was a new challenge for me. Travelling up to the Olympic Park in Stratford I had many nagging doubts - would I be last with everybody waiting to pack up, could I even complete the race, would I know what to do and where to go and how did the chip timing work! I needn't have worried as the TRO team were professional, well organised and extremely friendly.

So time passed and we were called to order for our pre-race warm-up. It was great fun and I was surprised to see so many other first time 10k runners! The warm-up over it was time to assemble for the off. I knew I wasn't going to be tearing off with the front pack so I mingled at the back. Under orders and we were off - the race was on. All the Marshall were so supportive and the venue really spurs you on.

So how did I do? Well did I manage to run the whole 10km without walking - no. But i did surprise myself buy completing the course just inside 1hr 10min which I was really pleased with as I thought I'd finish somewhere between 1:20 and 1:30. So all in all it was a great experience. There aren't that many 5 & 10k races (other than Parkrun) that are run on Saturdays so I will certainly be giving it another go in 2018 as I have a new PB to conquer!