Seasonal Duathlons

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Anonymous Published: 08/01/2018
Title: My first duathlon!
After seeing a couple of events and months of talking about it, I decided to take part. I had recently  purchased a TT bike but wasn’t confident enough to use it in anger so decided to try it with my hybrid.

The briefing talked about 1lap of the track and then out ....PANIC! I only signed up for the shorter one! So after seeing the rest of the group go off into the distance I stopped after the lap of the track and asked if I go and start my bike section. 6 laps was more than enough, although I was pleased that I did manage to get up the hill each time without too much effort.

Then out for the final run......I was struggling a bit but kept going, and was very happy to see the finish line! I know I wasn’t quick and doubt that I ever will be, but I know I can improve......hopefully!

So, I will be back on the track soon to practise with my new bike and hopefully can get used to the TT bars, without falling off!

Thanks to all the team there who helped me when I had questions and hope to see you again!
Anonymous Published: 18/10/2017
Title: Lovely route. Good location and quiet
Good race. Well organised and nice quiet roads. Empty more or less
Anonymous Published: 18/10/2017
Title: Excellent start to the season
Very well organised by John & Alan. Good race briefing beforehand and Marshall’s guidance very helpful. 
Nice trophies and t-shirt.
Highly recommend this duathlon at the start of the race season.
Thank you John - great job !