The Regent's Park

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The Regent's Park, LONDON. NW1 4NR

Anonymous Published: 12/12/2018
Title: London 1/2 marathon
First London 1/2 Marathon
Anonymous Published: 12/12/2018
Title: 1st half marathon
My PB IS 01:55:36 FOR HALF MARATHON IN 2019 Victoria Park 
Anonymous Published: 14/09/2018
Title: Smashed my PB - edging closer to the sub 50 minutes
Considering I wasn’t feeling this race at all, I just went out at a comfortable pace and tried to keep up with various people. 
Felt comfortable.
edging closer to the sub 50.

target.... autumn 2019! 
Anonymous Published: 14/09/2018
Title: Regents Park 10K
Beautiful course on a beautiful day.  Well marked and staffed.
Anonymous Published: 14/09/2018
Title: good race
didnt give an accurate chip time 
Anonymous Published: 24/10/2017
Title: A brilliant morning out
Congratulations to the organizers' brilliant running of this race. I have run it several times now.

To plagiarize (from the film "Chariots of Fire") - "I can feel God's pleasure when I run". However, never more so than during this Regent's Park run!