Three Forts Challenge

Anonymous Published: 23/04/2018
Title: Very well organised. Friendly people. Great day out!
This race is not for you London types who like to run on flat tarmac! If you love running through wild country, on the top of cold wind swept hills, and can handle rugged and tricky flint stone paths then you will love this. You will also need to enjoy powering uphill into the wind! The race is very well organized and the marshals and staff are all very friendly. My only mixed comment is that the showers were not very warm. But then again, many races offer none at all. Thanks for a great day. I don't know why, but for some reason I ran 20 minutes faster than I had expected. Probably because conditions were near perfect.
Anonymous Published: 23/04/2018
Title: Beautiful scenic Marathon
wow this Marathon never gets any easier! Cold day but dry actually great conditions for this run. So much to look at. The sea and beautiful hills . Lovely farmland with lambs skipping around and even piglets. Lots of happy people about enjoying the South Downs including dog walkers mountain bikers horse riders and even teens partaking D of E . Great to be part of this community