Victoria Park

Victoria Park, Grove Road, LONDON. E3 5TB

Anonymous Published: 05/11/2019
Title: great race
amazing race, fast and enjoyable!
Anonymous Published: 05/11/2019
Title: First 10k at a safe pace
It was a great race. Thanks
Anonymous Published: 18/01/2019
Title: Sent the wrong way by race marshals - twice!
What should have been my celebrating going under 50 minutes for the first time sadly never came to pass, except for the fact that my TomTom watch was able to record the fact. This was because as I and a number of other runners were nearing the end of the race, aware that it was splitting into a 10k and 10 mile finish, we asked which was the correct route for the 10k event. When my watch told me I had completed the race a few hundred metres later I realised I had been sent out on a fourth lap of what was supposed to be a three lap course. We then checked with more race marshals nearby who again sent us the wrong way before we turned around and jogged back up the course to find the finish. It was deeply dissatisfying made worse by an email from the race organiser the following day saying how sorry they were that I had lost my way. To be very clear, when you pay a £19 entry fee you are paying for marshals to ensure that you do not lose your way. I was initially told my correct 10k time could be uploaded to the results page but 24 hours later told this was not possible. And just to add to the whole shambolic experience the compensation offered was a 20 per cent discount to another race before a full refund was made without any form of apology. What I wanted was a full explanation and an apology, especially as I was not the only person this happened to.
Anonymous Published: 29/10/2018
Title: Happy race
Amazing run
Anonymous Published: 28/11/2017
Title: Victoria Park 10K
Anonymous Published: 28/11/2017
Title: It’s race
It’s race