Wickham Torchlight (CX)

Anonymous Published: 27/01/2018
Title: Wickham 10k
Really enjoyed the race, first time running in dark with spotlight, well organised would recommend to other and also a great medal x 
Anonymous Published: 27/01/2018
Title: Fun in the mud
Really enjoyed this night trail run.  My friend laughed at me as I danced like a princess around the puddles and muddy patches at the beginning but once I’d overcome my fear of the wet and dirt I just ran through and loved it. 

Great straight run and strangely pretty with all the lights especially when the leaders had turned and were heading back.

Loved that it was only a small race but especially love the medal - isn’t that the only reason we do these things :) 

Anonymous Published: 27/01/2018
Title: Unable to run
Unfortunately due to orders from my doctor the day before the run I was unable to enter so I can’t comment on the run. I hope it was a successful evening & will look forward to entering next year.
Anonymous Published: 27/01/2018
Title: Enjoyable race in perfect conditions
Well organised and fun event along the Wickham lines, a disused railway line in the Meon Valley, Hampshire. With a start time of 7pm, this was devised as a race in complete darkness on flat trail, with runners required to wear head torches. The course was a little muddy in places but no real obstacles to fast running, as proved by the extremely quick leader right from the gun. I set out to run a hard steady tempo and not to push to hard, reached the turnaround at 5km in around 23 minutes, and returned a little quicker in around 21:30 or so. Nice to see all the other runners heading toward us on the way back and to give a shout out to lots of fellow team mates and my wife who was running with a friend. Overall, a great race in perfect night running conditions and a lot of fun – I haven't run anything as short as 10km for several years, and this was a great reintroduction to the distance.
Anonymous Published: 27/01/2018
Title: Achievement
I did my 3rd 10k run on 26th of January at the age of 67 after a year of different injury's my confidence had hit an all time low.  My friend Tina Mackay asked me to do the torchlight run with her while I was on holiday in Spain the sun was shining and I thought it would be fun.  Reality it me when I came home and thought about the rain and cold of winter.  Tina helped me to get fit and build my confidence again I couldn't have done it without her,  We ran together on a dry night but was spooky and muddy in places. I did it in just over 1hr 21 mins which I was delighted with.  I have had a patella right knee replacement 14 years ago. What a super surgeon I had to enable me to run at my age.  I am so delighted with myself and all the help and support I have had over the years. I had 3 sons so I always kept fit but didn't start running until 65 years old.  I started with the couch to 5k in 10 weeks I used to run with Michael Johnstone in my ear. Then I came across Park Run what a super enjoyable experience it has become. My husband Henry has got involved with the volunteering and I run when fit.  I have met some lovely people and made super friends especially Tina.  It is not as easy to experience new achievements when retired so that chilly dry January evening I was delighted with the result.  On the Saturday my husband and I took 2 of our many grandchildren to London and had a busy time, fun was had by us all.  Now I am thinking of my next 10k.  I would like to thank all the volunteers and organisers for a well put together event .  I love my medal ...
Anonymous Published: 27/01/2018
Title: Torchlight terrors at Wickham
It had been raining hard for a few days and I knew my trail race was coming up which made it that all more special knowing I was going to get muddy . The mood before the race was electric and everyone was waiting on tender hooks to start their Garmins / TomToms for the off. Then boom I was away ( TomTom going ) and the lights from everyone was spectacular until a gap opened into of my
Anonymous Published: 27/01/2018
Title: wickham torchlight
spot on would highly recommend but get in early as places go quick!!