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The Beyond Cyclo X is an introduction to the world that is cyclo cross racing.

The event will be timed laps of a 3 km (Approx) course set in the countryside, the course may consist of gravel, grass, tarmacked road and may need for you to dismount and run up and over some stepped obstacles or climbs (Its not guaranteed you will have all the above but a mixture).
The event is fast and frenetic and as its an introduction to cyclo cross and we are happy you can do it on any type of bike.
Including Cyclo cross, Road bike or MTB.

We are going to avoid any overly muddy patches but who knows in March.

There will also be lots of categories, so please ensure you enter the correct one.

Event format

We will have a laid out course, all you do is follow the course route, there is no requirement to dismount, however sometimes the obstacles (Steps or a climb) are just too severe for you to ride up or over.
After you have started, you ride until the winner of your event (Who ever that may be) crosses the line, at which point you will be asked to exit the course, this enables all the events to take place.
There are no set lap amounts you have to complete, its just a start and finish either when there is a winner or you have had enough.

During the event there will be a PIT lane where you can change bike, carry out repairs or add air to your tyres, please do not do it out on course.

RIDE ON THE LEFT, WALK/RUN ON THE RIGHT. (if you do indeed walk).

The event centre will have toilets, and as always coffee and cake will be available to purchase.

Here is a video of what it should be like. (Well the pro's anyway)

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