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Start in London with a group of your friends and relay run nonstop across the country throughout the night no matter what the conditions without getting lost (which you will do) to arrive shattered but elated in Cardiff. Experiences made with your team mates which will bond you together for years to come.


London Cardiff 24 is a team challenge like no other. As a team you will aim to run every step of the 160 miles from Twickenham in West London to the very centre of Cardiff.

The route takes you along rivers and canals, through forests and towns, across fields, along rideways and public paths, and over bridges including the spectacular Severn Crossing.

The terrain varies from tarmac to mud, gravel to long grass, and with the need to navigate your way along our route you will need your wits about you.

When not running you are in your team minibus with your teammates, resting, eating, sleeping, talking and driving between checkpoints waiting for your runner to arrive.

This is about the wits of the individual and the support and camaraderie of the team. It’s a busy 33 hours, but worth it if you can make it all the way to Cardiff.


The challenge is getting to Cardiff from Twickenham in under 24 hours. This has to be done by foot and must follow the given checkpoints. The route is split into 24 stages each beginning and ending with a Checkpoint where a changeover happens.


Team Stage

12 Individual Stages

Team Stage (Halfway)

12 Individual Stages

Team Stage


You carry with you everything you need for your stage. We provide stage maps and a GPS tracker. You’ve got 33 hours but can you go sub 24? Log in and change over  at each checkpoint. Top Tip – Formula 1 style changeovers save lots of time.


Each runner pays for their own entry. Team captains sign up first and create your team.

​The price for entry is £90 per runner.

DISCOUNT DEAL NOW ON – £80 per runner – Whole Team Sign Up – £75 per runner

​Support Staff cost is £25 per person.

Deals are available to purchase all team places, or to enter as a corporate team, which includes minibus hire and custom designed technical tees plus other costs included (petrol, food, etc). See Minibus and T-shirts page for details. You can buy places for 12 runners and save £5 per person. Just click on the ENTER LC24 button below.

If you’re raising funds for charity get in touch as we can offer you something special depending on your fundraising targets.

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