Sublime Peterborough Marathon Apr 2020




Welcome to the Sublime Peterborough Marathon

The Peterborough Marathon is an exciting, beautiful & scenic course around the city of Peterborough, including the embankment with the stunning Cathedral backdrop, Nene Park, and the delightful cycle path along the River Nene.

With Race HQ, Supporter’s Lounge and the After-Party all being hosted by the luxury Marriott Hotel, this is a marathon experience like no other.

























  Peterberbrough Marathon 2020 Charity Partner  


Kidney disease is a growing global problem and right here in the UK over 3 million people are affected by kidney disease, 1 in 10 of us will be affected by chronic kidney disease. The effects of kidney disease are devastating, it has a physical, emotional, mental and financial impact upon those living with the disease, their families and friends and society at large.


Currently, if diagnosed with kidney disease there are two available treatments, dialysis or transplant. Dialysis has been referred to as life support without life as you will spend 3-6 hours per day, 3-6 days per week connected to a dialysis machine. Transplant, if successful, will on average last 10-15 years.

The stark matter of fact is that there are currently no preventative or disease modifying therapies and there is no cure for kidney disease. We want to help Kidney Research UK eradicate kidney disease globally so that we can free people’s lives from the restrictions, fear and life limiting nature of this disease.





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