Hundred Acres (CX): Hundred Acres Half Marathon - Sunday 25 October 2020

21097 Meters
Race Date:
Sun, 25 October 2020 - 10:00 am
Closing Date:
Sun, 4 October 2020 - 12:00 am
Current Price:
£19.00 UK Athletics members
£19.00 Meon Valley Runners members



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Hundred Acres (CX)

After the start, the runners head down the left of two descending tracked for appropriately 600 metres, before bearing left onto another gravel track. After only 25 metres, runners then turn left on to a much narrower, muddy track, which is a gently downhill slope. At the bottom of this slope, runners then climb a VERY muddy hill onto a level section of path, continuing along, ignoring the track that bears off to the right. This part of the section is more bush and heather. At the end of this section, there is a clearing , with a well defined path heading off to the right. Runners turn right here and head through,, what is the muddiest part of the course. You will need to check the tightness of your laces! but don't worry if you lose a shoe, you can get it the next time you come through this section!!

After negotiating your way through this section, you join a larger track and continue down a steep slope with an equally slope up, continuing through the ext junction of footpaths, to continue along the main gravel track. After approximately 750m, you will come up to a right turn, taking you back to West Walk. After turning right here, you turn left, following the FC sign to West Walk. This is a 600m long climb back up to the clearing near the start. Once at the top of the hill, you bear right, folling the path that runs behind the WC building. This is another muddy section. At the end of this path, you exit this part of the forest, exiting onto Hundred Acres Road, where you turn to the right and run along the road, entering the forest on the opposite side of the road, via the small gate.

This section is mostly mud and sand, with the descent at the beginning, taking you downhill to a sharp left hand turn, on the same path. This is where you start another climb, on a sandy surface, at the end of which is a left turn, onto a firmer surface, taking you up to the exit from the forest, back onto Hundred Acres Road, where you turnh right. This time you run down the road (closed to traffic) for approximately 1km, before turning into the Forest again, via the entrance on the left.

Continue along this path (muddy) until you reach a major intersection of 4 paths. All runners must turn right here, along wide gravel track, heading north, until they reach the Forestry Commission compound at Woodend. Here you will find the water station.

After the water station, you about turn and return along the same footpath until you reach a left turn. Ignore the smaller path at 11 o'clock, and take the larger turn at 9 o'clock. Continue along this path to the end , where you reach a small clearing. Bear round to the right here, and continue along this muddy section, ignoring all tracks, until you reach an obvious change in the ground where you meet a grassy section. Here you must turn to the right, onto the a muddy section, now heading west. At the end of this section you exiot
onto the main track, where you turn to the left, and run up to the main intersection you passed through earlier.

This time, you turn right the intersection, heading west for approximately 250m, before turning left, heading towards West Walk, and then turning left again, climbiing the long hill up to West Walk for the 2nd time.

When you reach the clearing, you now turn right and repeat all the first lap,, heading down the same hill you took from the start.


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Rural Running
Rural Running website
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: jeff@ruralrunningevents.com
: 01329556399

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Hundred Acres (CX)
Hundred Acres Half Marathon
Race Date
25 Oct 20 - 10:00
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61 days


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£21.00 (+ £1.25)
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£19.00 (+ £1.15)
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£19.00 (+ £1.15)