Silva Great Lakeland: 3 Day - Saturday 4 May 2019

65.00 Km
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Sat, 4 May 2019 - 07:00:00 am GMT+1
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Tue, 30 April 2019 - 12:00:00 am GMT+1
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Silva Great Lakeland


Participants must register before starting and they can only do this on the Friday evening or early on the Saturday morning. Participants can only register at the Event Centre. At registration participants will be issued with their map, which is pre-printed with checkpoints and control descriptions (for all courses), and their SI card. Participants' Overnight Dry Bags can be left with us at registration on Friday evening or Saturday morning. Ready for transportation.

We recommend arriving on the Friday night so that everyone has an opportunity to relax, meet fellow participants and discuss the following day’s route, whilst enjoying a beer and perhaps watching an inspiring running film courtesy of ‘The Best of Sheffield Adventure Film Festival’.

The night before the SILVA GL3D™ the atmosphere is always good. Camping is available on the Friday night and this is included in the entry fee. Participants may also park their car or campervan at the Event Centre for the weekend at their own risk. The participant's beer tent will also be lively.


Our courses are described as Expert, Wainwright, and Café, to reflect the relaxed nature of the event (in contrast to mountain marathons with a stricter Elite, A, B, C format). Our routes are generally highly runnable (we stick to footpaths and tracks for much of the time) and the navigation is easier (generally mountain summits) than at the equivalent mountain marathon courses at the ROC, LAMM, OMM etc.

The really exciting component of the SILVA GL3D™ is that participants simply enter the event, and then choose whichever course they prefer on the day. This could Wainwright for all three days, or for instance Wainwright on day 1, Café on day 2, and so on with any ‘mix-and-match’ combination. All participants will still share the same overnight camp.

To appear in the overall results, participants must complete the same course each day. Obviously, on a daily basis we will publish results for each course.

Each day participants start between 0700 and 0900 and should expect to spend a long day in the hills. The first two days will be the hardest and the last day will be easier. We anticipate that everyone would have finished by 1500 on day three.


These courses are definitely designed for runners and only 'speedy walkers' would complete the Wainwright course within the cut-off times. It is not possible to complete the Expert Course if you are only walking.


The SILVA GL3D™ has always attracted long distance walkers, but other than the most able, they have struggled with the long distances and significant height gain each year. Because of this, we launched the 'C Course' in 2014, (now formally known as the Café Course), which is specifically aimed at walkers (or runners wanting a more relaxed weekend). The Café Course has fewer checkpoints each day, and a route more focused on valley traverses and 'middle mountain' terrain between the overnight camps… and time to visit the very best Lake District cafés (or pubs) where possible in the area! That said, the Café Course does of course occasionally feature mountain summits.


We have stopped ‘Timing Guidance’ on the Expert and Wainwright courses. This is because a very small number of participants ignored the guidance and continued late into the night, arriving well after our 2000 Course Closure Time. The knock on impact to our logistics, volunteer marshals and other participants is disproportionate and therefore we have firm Cut-off times on these courses.

On the Expert and Wainwright courses, there will be one checkpoint each day with a Cut-off time associated with it. This checkpoint is geographically determined, but generally approximately midway through the days course. If a participant reaches the Cut-off checkpoint after the Cut-off time, they must follow the instructions explained on the map. Any participants who proceed on the full course after failing to arrive at the Cut-off checkpoint in time will be disqualified from the event. Sorry if this sounds a little draconian but the Cut-off times are appropriate for a 2000 finish at the Overnight Camp, which is the latest possible finish time.


All the courses close at 2000 on Saturday and Sunday. Any participants arriving at the Overnight Camps after the 2000 Course Closure Time are automatically switched to an easier course. If you do think you are going to be late, please make every effort to send a message to the Race Director on the emergency phone number printed on the map. The Course Closure Time on Monday is 1500.EARLIEST FINISH TIME

The earliest finish time at the Overnight Camps (Saturday and Sunday) is 13:00, and back at the Event Centre (on Monday) is 12:00 (midday). The start times are flexible and it is the participant's responsibility to judge their start time appropriately relative to the speed they intend to run or walk. This is due to the chance that anyone arriving before 13:00 or 12:00 will not be able to punch the Finish box (if our event transport logistics are delayed) and therefore race time will continue until 13:00 or 12:00 for that person. Runners on the Café Course should make particular note of this 'Earliest Finish Time' rule, and time their start appropriately.


The overnight campsites are usually rural rather than remote but participants should NOT expect any shops, pubs or cafes to be in the vicinity. Facilities will be very basic with water available (this could be river water), and portable toilets rather than a campsite toilet/wash block. We will provide complimentary cake and a hot drink and optional local beer for everyone as they finish on days one and two, and a large, tasty meal at the end of day three. Hot water will also be available for participants to use for hot drinks but we cannot guarantee availability at all times and participants must bring a stove and sufficient fuel for cooking ALL their own food. We will not provide mugs or any kind of drinking implement – participants will need to bring their own!

The participants' marquee will be available at each overnight camp and can used by participants to hang-out in, cook meals in (no hot stoves on plastic tables please!) etc.

Whilst family and friends are welcome to stay at the Event Centre campsite on the Friday night, we do NOT allow ANY visitors to the overnight campsites on the Saturday and Sunday nights.


Please check the final event information for absolute details. Ordinarily participants should be ready to start between 0700 and 0900 each morning. We recommend that slower participants start early and fast participants start late. An honest appraisal of your own abilities will save you some grief with the cut-off times!


The most important safety rule is that ALL participants must download their SI data at the end of each day with the organisers at the specified end point of that day (the overnight camp or Event Centre), regardless of whether they have completed their course or not.

Printed on the map is an emergency telephone number that participants can use in the case of an emergency or if they are running late and may miss the specified Course Closure Time.

Once the specified Course Closure Time has passed the organisers will make a judgement based on the participant's experience, chosen course, and other factors as to what action to take. This may include contacting the participant's next of kin to try and ascertain any information about their whereabouts. The police and mountain rescue will NOT be automatically informed unless there is a very specific reason for alarm.


In the unfortunate circumstances that a participant must retire, it is essential that they notify us if they have been unable to reach the overnight camp. We would recommend that participants have sufficient money to enable them to get a taxi back to the overnight camp and/or Event Centre if necessary. We may be able to provide bus times and taxi numbers, but cannot transport retired participants.

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Ourea Events
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Silva Great Lakeland
3 Day
Race Date
04 May 19 - 07:00
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6 days


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£35.00 (No processing fee)