The 5K's of CHRISTMAS - Saturday 7 December 2019

5.00 Km
Race Date:
Sat, 7 December 2019 - 08:30 am
Closing Date:
Tue, 3 December 2019 - 06:00 pm
Current Price:
£13.00 UK Athletics members



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A series of 5,000m track races at the Battersea Millennium Arena hosted by Clapham Chasers.

Each 5,000m race will have a all runners of a similar ability designed to run together, push each other and ultimately get that target 5K time you have been dreaming of!

Key notes:

  • Each race will have runners targeting a similar finish time (generally within a minute of each other)
  • There will be at least 8 races but it will depend on the number of entrants
  • We will try to provide a pacer for at least the first 2,000m of each race
  • There will be no more than 30 runners in each race
  • There will be chip timing for accurate results
  • The race is UKA permitted OUT20/021

The races will take place from 08:30 to 12:00 on Saturday 7 December 2019. Slower races will go first. Final timings will be sent nearer the event date.

Clapham Chasers have endeavoured to keep the costs low. The entry fee is mainly to cover track hire, chip timing and some basic provisions on the day.

There may be some fun events in addition on the day, details will be provided ahead of the race.

Changes and late sign up:

  • No entries on the day
  • We can transfer entries to a nominated runner up until the 25th November 2019
  • No refunds or deferred entries


The 5Ks of Christmas is a series of 5,000m races on the track aimed at helping you get that all-important PB by racing with similar speed athletes.

Some key information for you on the build-up to the event:

Venue & Date:

  • Battersea Millennium Arena, Battersea Park, Albert Bridge, London SW11 4NJ
  • Saturday 7 December 2019


  • The Track will be open to athletes at 08:00, NO EARLIER.
    • 08:30 Race A: 23’00 and over target times (pacer for 23’00, 24’00 & 25’00)
    • 09:05 Race B: 21’30 to 22’50 target times (pacer for 21’30 & 22’00)
    • 09:35 Race C: 20’00 to 21’20 target times (pacer for 20‘00 & 21’00)
    • 10:00 Race D: 19’00 to 19’55 target times (pacer for 19’00 & 19’30)
    • 10:25 Race E: 18’30 to 18’59 target times (pacer for 18’30)
    • 10:45 Race F: 17’50 to 18’20 target times (pacer for 17’50)
    • 11:05 Race G: 17’10 to 17’45 target race times (pacer for 17’10)
    • 11:25 Race H: 16’30 to 17’00 target race times (pacer for 16’30)
    • 11:45 Race I: Sub 16’25 target race times (pacer for 15’30)
  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your race.

Permit & Chip Timing:

  • The race has a full UKA permit OUT20/021
  • The race will have timed photo finish and lap times to meet track meeting permit requirements

Race Registration:

  • Upon arrival please head straight to Race Registration to confirm your attendance and to pick up your race numbers
  • Please bring safety pins, although we will have some if required

Warm up and Gathering for your race:

  • The start of each 5,000m race is at the 200m line on the far side of the track
  • Lanes 1 to 4 and the starting 50m will be coned off for the race, please do not use these lanes when warming up
  • The ‘back straight’ lanes 5 to 8 are reserved for the athletes about to start and so we can see who is there
  • This area will be marked with cones, please do not use this area until it’s time to gather for your race
  • Please gather near the start line for your race at least 5 minutes before the start
  • The race umpires will check who is there and give a 1 minute briefing before starting you off

Race specifics:

  • Each race is 5,000m
  • 12.5 laps of the track, finishing at the normal finish line
  • Each race will have pacers for at least the first 2,000m
  • The pacer will wear an orange t-shirt
  • Track umpires will make sure you start with your foot behind the curved line, that you do not step off the track and there is no foul play
  • You are responsible for counting your laps, the chip timing device does not give live information on laps completed
  • The lap counter board will display the number of laps the lead runner still has to complete
  • There will be water available during the race although we realise many will not require it over this distance


  • There will be a live clock so you can see your current and finish time
  • The race time is based on ‘gun to chip time’ finish
  • Results will be sent out soon after the event

Facilities & Parking:

  • As this is a track facility there are toilets, showers and lockers available for you to use
  • Parking is available in the park car parks and on local streets. They are subject to parking metre charges

Organiser Details

Clapham Chasers
Clapham Chasers website
Contact Details
: neil@embracesports.co.uk
: 07970189785

Race Info

Race Date
07 Dec 19 - 08:30
Entries Close
12 days


Standard Price
£15.00 (No processing fee)
UK Athletics Price
£13.00 (No processing fee)