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Emily Jiang Published: Sunday 22 April 2018
Title: Great experience with more to improve
Hi there,

thanks so so much for holding this wonderful Music Race for adults and children!! My 2 little ones and myself all enjoyed this race a lot.

Bad points:
1, not enough shades for adults and children
2, the race route was not clear enough
3, children should start sooner as children may not be able to wait for such long time
4, if music race with more food facilities, would be great!! For example, more "tents" for more shades; barbecue for some hot dogs and burgers or Chinese food; some water or other drink for people to purchase at reasonable prices; some children's music at Children's Race Time
5, children race should be decided by 2 or more age groups. Such as 2-4 years for 200 metres; 5-7 years for 400 metres; 8-10years and so on for 800 metres or longer. Because my 3 years old found so hard to finish his 400-metre run.

Good points:
1, Last Year I couldn't take my children, because I remembered that the race took place in Autumn, I believed that the grass could be still wet and weather was cloudy and rainy. This year, grass was very dry and weather was fantastic. So I decided to come with friend's family. 
2, staff are very friendly
3, every aspect is organised

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