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Andrew Tobias Published: Sunday 06 August 2017
Title: Loving life
Hi , great race , excellent venue . I love London views . Organisation was amazing felt safe in the water . Everybody was supportive . Thanks nocwa. Especially Jane 
Naomi Chaning Pearce Published: Sunday 30 July 2017
Title: Great cameraderie, great venue, awesome team!
On arrival, the registration process was clear, and the team of helpers were a very friendly bunch. The race briefing was great: clear instructions, encouraging and enthusiastic delivery that set a positive tone for the event. Friendly banter with other competitors developed a real sense of cameraderie. More buoys would have been useful... think I swam more than 5K... but who cares: it was such FUN!! Felt very cared for on leaving the water not only by being offered a hand, but also being greeted with so many smiling faces.  Well done to the whole team for putting on such a great show. Thank you!! 
FABRICE BEER-GABEL Published: Sunday 30 July 2017
Title: Great challenge, Great swim
My first full 10K! I usually skin swim all year round in Israel so, during this time of the year (July), I'm not quite used to the Dock's 19 degrees water, which I'm sure lots of local swimmers would call warrm and lovely... And yet lovely it was ! Superbly organized, friendly atmosphere and, as always in this discipline, friendly swimmers. As I progressed through the swim, I started to feel cold and realised I had only reached about half the distance. I thought about friends Guy and Avishag who swim around Manhattan or cross the channel. Will I make it till the end? Can't let them down. I need to finish this. Focus on the next stroke. Is this an airplane driving near me. Yes, from BA, on the London city Tarmac. Need to finish this. Feed and swim all the way! Which I did! with a nice sprint at the end. And as a bonus, the first aid team was very friendly and professional in helping me warm up that shivering body of mine as I got oout of the water...:-)

Lovely swim!
Nicholas Moseley Published: Sunday 30 July 2017
Title: My race day
well the Dock to Dock was my first open water event so I was a bit apprehensive about it "could I do it will I achieve it "  I've only been swimming open water for about 6 weeks so conquered my nerves and finished the 5k in 1hour 40 so very pleased it was a lovely sunny morning  so couldn't ask for more it was a very nice occasions don't met  lots of friendly people and the staff were very helpful and polite all in all a great day I will be back next year to do it all again thanks for putting on a great event you should give yourselves a big pat on the back 
Thanks Nick Moseley .
jane ablett Published: Sunday 30 July 2017
Title: 5k race

First 5k for you - 3rd for me 
Loved the swim course although somewhat harder than I thought the swim would be. Great location too :)
Sadly very poor medal compared to 10k - and we all do it for a great medal ( as your briefing also stated ) Why a fab one for 10k and cheap for 5k ? 
No photos upon exciting the water which we all love from races ( and no photos on your web site and the organisers did a few ) would love to see us all in at the start also great PR for you ! 
No results up still a day later :( 

I loved the race and the location 

NIGEL HASTED Published: Sunday 30 July 2017
Title: Supertough10k
Very good orrganised event the last 2.5k was so hard especially near the end the finish never seem to come but definately sign up again  
Nicole Brown Published: Sunday 30 July 2017
Title: Dock2Dock 10km
Well organised event. Felt very safe in the water with safety boats and canoes all around. Bouy markers were not very visible or frequent, but it's pretty easy to follow the route so I wasn't concerned. Thanks for the experience as it was my first 10km swim 
Kathryn Perry Published: Sunday 30 July 2017
Title: Dock2dock
Such a great day, brilliantly run with lots of friendly staff and saftey support. Enjoyed the course and the fact that it was just two laps for a 10km and so easy to get to! Thank you!

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