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Ashley Birkbeck Published: Thursday 19 October 2017
Title: Frieth Hilly 10k
This is the seventh time I have run in this event and I always enjoy it.  There is a very friendly atmosphere, and it's good to see the level of support given by local businesses.  It is all in support of Frieth CEC School.  There is now a 5k run which suits younger runners or those for whom 10k is a little daunting.  

The course is "challenging" - as the name suggests it involves a few hills.  The last hill goes up through Frieth village to the finish line and I've always found this the toughest!  The scenery is beautiful with the course a mixture of roads, fields and woodland tracks through the lovely Buckinghamshire countryside.

Lovely touches are the blessing by the vicar at the start and the singing and encouragement given along the course by the school pupils and the coffee and home made cakes afterwards.

Highly recommended!
Stephen McAlister Published: Monday 16 October 2017
Title: Fun & Hilly

A lovely autumn Sunday morning in a picture postcard English village. This is the only race I've encountered where the runners are serenaded by a church choir (singing Jerusalem) and a prayer from the local vicar before the start.

Runners needed all the help they could get before some serious climbing - and a fast descent earlier in the race.

A lovely course made even better by some very favourable conditions. A very warm and welcoming race HQ at the local Junior school and cheery volunteers make this a fun event.

The 10k route was tough (as advertised). It is a good test of strength and stamina. A race to return to next year and, for those who haven't experienced the Frieth Hilly, one for next year.

Oh, and the profits go to a worthy cause!

Stephen McAlister

John Owens Published: Monday 16 October 2017
Title: Outstanding friendly local race with added good bits
I turned up at the Freith Hilly feeling a bit tired after competing in a race the day before (The Windor Beer run) and camping overnight, so I was a bit achy and lacking motivation. However this soon changed as I arrived at the School to be greeted by lots of happy excited families and some very enthusiastic volunteers.
After a laugh filled warm up with a chap from Immortal Fitness really getting the crowd going, the local vicar led us all in a stirring rendition of "Jerusalem" and a wonderful rhyming prayer about running, so it was time to go.
1 mile into the run I almost stopped dead in my tracks the view was so stunning, but I had to keep my eyes down to avoid tripping down the steep hill to Fingest. There then followed a short run along the valley bottom which just about allowed time to recover before the long climb up through the woods. One enthusiastic young runner passed me at speed early on the hill, so I warned him it was a long way up - I tried not to take too much pleasure in passing him again before the top! At this point we rejoined the 5km route, marked by a group of happily singing school children and then it was just a case of saving a bit of energy for the final climb up to the finish. As I crossed the line, the school headmistress was just doing the same to great applause and warmth from the crowd, which summed up the whole event for me - friendly and local with added good bits (oh and did I mention some outstanding sausage sandwiches). John
neil ashcroft Published: Monday 16 October 2017
Title: great fun!
Not run for ages so went for the 5k this year. Really easy and well organised set up. No big faff. Turn up, run fast. Have some flap jack's. The hills are steep but good support keeps you going. Good that parking is moved. Much better this year. Will do again.
Clint Milner Published: Monday 16 October 2017
Title: Great Race for the fun-runner
When a race has the word 'hill' in its title, it can be worrying, but the Frieth Hilly had a great mix of both up and downhills. Surprised myself with my time, and I plan on running it again next year!
Deirdre Philpott Published: Monday 16 October 2017
Title: We don't do giving up.
Living in Marlow the Frieth Hilly has long been a fixture in my running calender. Not every year, but many have seen me lining up as part of this most friendly race.. My entries have not always been without mishap: there was the time I chained my bike to the school railings and then lost the key.. But I have always enjoyed the event- even in the rain.This year I was going to give it a miss as I am training for the shorter distance as part of a sprint triathlon. But at the last minute I put in my entry for the 5km.
Race day was not the promised warm and sunny, but not wet either. There had been little rain recently so mud was unlikely. Despite a large slow moving "convoie exceptionel"  I arrived in good time to park , collect my number and enjoy communal singing of Jerusalem, yes we had clouded hills.
i felt good as we set off remembering to go straignt on, not turn left. Accross the field, sharp turn into the woods, and oh no! Double damn I have tuned my ankle! Two minutes leaning against a tree, assuring a young marslall I would be OK, then I hobbled on, a few 100metres walking, a lop sided run, I can do this. Soon I was overtaking people- but there was so much ground to make up. Peolpe I passed identified me as a faller, one lady said" are you OK, I thought you would have given up" no, I replied, the foot hurts, but it is working. We don't do giving up. After the push up the high street and crossing the line, I checked Strava. What's this? PB?
Looks as though I earned that bacon roll!

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