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Jonathan Davis Published: Monday 26 March 2018
Title: Glorious Mud
Cracking day Grommet! from misty chilly beginnings at the high altitude race course we were soon hugging and puffing as we got blood in the legs and traversed the Haldon ridge. Great decent, dare to stay off the brakes! brilliant fun and out into rural Devon on secret tracks. Big smiles. Chudleigh was pretty along the old canal and clipped the back of Newton Abbot. sweating swearing and grinding back up to the top. quick whizz round the time trial and some well earned flapjack! And then....ohh no! we're going down again, bugger! that means we have to come back up on tired legs! ho hum, bit of  walk not a problem! back to the van, double shot espresso required to reboot for the drive home. happy, cream crackered and mildly hypothermic!

Steve Mansfield Published: Monday 26 March 2018
Title: Disappointed continued
i ride the taunton flyer also organised by you and is a totally different experience. I know it’s hatder to sign off road courses but the marshals were very uninformed which I don’t blame them for as after all they are out there trying to make us have a good ride, in fact I thanked each one of them on my way round. Just needs a little better signing and marshals to be briefed better 
Steve Mansfield Published: Monday 26 March 2018
Title: Disappointed
Well to be honest, I was very disappointed. Firstly through injury I had to compete in the micro not the mega which Obviously is no fault of yourselves. However, the brief was that from the very off was a timed section which on the day was not. The first timed section was on the opposite side of the A380 where poor signing (left arrow 20 metres from the gate entrance) put me wrong from the off. When I returned the marshal said he tried to tell me but I couldn’t hear him and was then too late. This marshal was also unable to tell riders which way to go on the road when the section was complete as there was no sign. The second timed section saw a timing marshal in completely the wrong place. Won’t be doing it again not for money
Tony Rea Published: Monday 26 March 2018
Title: You can't plan the weather...
Arriving at a foggy, mizzly Exeter racecourse an hour before start, seeing only a smattering of vans covering the caprpark, did fill me with the feeling of a long lonely morning ahead, so it was a case of park up and crack on... if it was easy everyone would do it right?!
A quick race briefing, and a roll down to the start line, a quick 'GO' shout and we were off.
The first lap of the racecourse definitely let you know if you'd made the right tyre choice, with a selection of gravel, sodden bark chippings, churned up turf and almost axle deep muddles (muddy puddles), luckily I felt I had with the 700x40 Smart Sam's.
From there we were off; dropping down 20 miles or so  to Kingsteignton, on a variety of terrain, some very fast gravel downs, some road, some very deep plantation mud.
And then climb back up, predominately on roads, softening the blow (those 6% hills are not 6%, be ready!!)
The course was a bathtub elevation profile, with the bulk of the climbing in the middle of the ride (luckily!), so once you were up the majority of timed off road section were ahead and the 'fun' begins. These were all good trials of endurance and skill, with some fast downs, very muddy and claggy flats and a couple of granny ring ups.
I came in just inside of my target (52 miles later with very little left in the tank). Feeling battered by the day.
It was a great course, great support from the checkpoints and very well marked. The weather may have been against us, but to be honest it enhanced the experience.
Do it again?... Oh yes!

Mark Cox Published: Sunday 25 March 2018
Title: Sadly I was a DNS due to illness - so I couldn't join you
Sadly I was a DNS due to illness - so I couldn't join you

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