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Andrew Figgins Published: Sunday 05 November 2017
Title: Medium Route, 63 miles
Great event, the route the scenery, the camaraderie and food stops!

Event took place on the Sat instead of Sun, which meant there was more traffic on the roads. The cycle from Penzance back to Marazion meant cycling along a sandy trail, which did not go down well, with those of us who had expensive carbon bikes!

Overall a great event and I will defo be back next year!
Pat Scully Published: Sunday 15 October 2017
Title: First sportive..
After Friday, even though I live in Redruth and know mostly the route we’ll through Driving it... the weather was atrocious. I’d been having nightmares about the climbs to Eagles Nest and Zennor... the strong headwind and Driving rain proved too much and I’ll admit I did short walks to get up them both as my poor old lungs were close to expiring. The driving rain and mist meant you couldn’t see anything but the few feet of road ahead... a bit of a godsend really as all I thought about was getting to Lands End.

I buddied up with a guy at Lands End to ride back with and that helped... I didn’t know how bad the hill at Lamorna was.. cue walk of shame no 3... but at over 20% I’m not going to beat myself up. 

The ride from Mousehole back was lovely.. the ride through the final timing point a bit of a let down as we had 2 miles across gravel and a small public footpath to the finish.. passing under the point we’d started really felt like the end.. me and Andy ( I think was his name ) shook hands.

i never thought I’d be close to a medal time and hadn’t even given it a thought but found out I had missed it by 3 minutes. I was beyond gutted as I could have made it by shortening my food stop by just 4 minutes..Andy, if you read this, it’d be good to catch up. 

Negativve point.. didn’t hear the briefing at all... wasnt 100% sure that it was the short group being sent on their way.... didn’t see any marshalls... but the route was well signed.

Overall a good event even if a tad expensive given my time wasn’t available when I goT to the tent at the end.. also a hot coffee or tea could have been included given we were all soaking wet, a bit cold and pretty knackered. But I’m hoping to do it next year. Only been cycling a few months so I was mega chuffed with my sub 4 hour time.

Gary Graves Published: Wednesday 11 October 2017
Title: A good morning despite the weather
A well organised event all junctions and turns were clearly signed. Liked the gold, silver, bronze award system, it gives an extra incentive to the event. Would have prefered it if the event was held on a Sunday, however I was still glad to compete. Hopefully I will be back again next year. Many thanks Eventrac. 
Martin Woolcott Published: Wednesday 11 October 2017
Title: Wet and Windy as feck
My report is attached as my blog


Definitely think the medal standards should have been altered for the conditions. This is my only gripe.

Paul Martin Published: Wednesday 11 October 2017
Title: A Great Ride - proud of what we did!
To Stewart & the team,

Firstly a very big thank you for rescuing this iconic event. The course was very good with plenty of challenge, even in good weather. The signage was excellent. In general I couldn't fault the organisation and you guys coped very well with all that the elements threw at you.

A couple of suggestions based on our riding to try to achieve one of the medal standard times: A. We lost about a minute that we didn't need to because we just followed other riders at Lands End only to arrive at the refreshment area. We now realise what the continuation route was but it would be better to very clearly sign this as 2 options in front of the Lands End centre building, B. When we were nearing Penzance we thought our target time was beginning to slip away from us and we took a risk or two in what was quite heavy traffic, yes I know, we shouldn't have but if there are going to be medal times then it would have helped if there were countdown mile markers for the last 3 miles or 5,3, 2 and 1 countdown as we could actually have relaxed a bit as we ended up 3 minutes inside the time. Finally, we didn't immediately realise that we had passed the finish time check. As other people have said it would have been nice to have made more of this.

All in all a great day despite the conditions. Maybe back next year to try to upgrade the medal!

Many thanks to all concerned.

peter wallis Published: Tuesday 10 October 2017
Title: 100 wet n windy ones
Once again a very well organised and executed event. The weather was obviously the knocker. Worse conditions i have ever experienced during a sportive (i have been very lucky!). I was so wet i might as well have done it in my pants. It was definantly a dig deep and keep peddling affair. Great feed stations as usual. I liked the new route around the back of St Ives. There wouldnt have been much of a view on the previous route. I saw the medic bike so many times i thought he was my personal one or was it that my riding was so sketchy he thought it best to hang around ! It was lovely to have the wind on your back after leaving lands end. The worst part was probably cycling along the wet footpath after finishing to fill my lovely new carbon machine with gear crunching wet sand. The sign into the car park and finishing line should have been a bit more promenant or marshalled (saw a few carry on past it).
A couple of asks : Any chance of doing the route the other way as its always anticlockwise. Might make a nice change. Also its a good idea to have the split from medio to grande near the end of the medio rather than the beginning. Gives us indecisive types the oppurtunity to go grande if we feel able.
That all said it was as i said a very well organised event - nice one Eventrac.

Richard Haycock Published: Tuesday 10 October 2017
Title: Wet and wind introduction to 100 mile rides
6 months ago my wife was washing and dressing me following a operation after a bike vs car crash, during that time I signed up to the Lands End 100 mile sportive as a training goal for the year. 

The weather was forecast to be terrible and it didn't disappoint, wet, windy, misty and wet again - all added to the drama. 

The route was varied with fast open roads, quiet twisty country lanes and undulating coastal climbs - a great mix. 

I was really pleased to get around the distance without too much effort, a strict pacing strategy kept my cramps at bay. 

A great selection of food and drink was available at all the feed stations - although I think I offended by not accepting a cup of tea :/

Lots of fun, people who were riding were great, support and signage was great. Fab event - will definitely recommend. 

Mark Wood Published: Tuesday 10 October 2017
Title: Wet Wet Wet
I thought it was a well organised and brilliant event, signage was excellent. The course was challenging and I really enjoyed it. The weather was awful though wet wet wet and windy.
I have one complaint though, the finish should have been where we started. The choice to have it by Penzance Railway Station was bad planning. The fact that we had to ride back to Marizon on a gritty, dirty, sandy, potholes and stoney bridal track  was not a good idea. These road bikes are worth and cost thousands of pounds. Yes tarmac road muck, mud and water is OK but not what we rode through for the last mile or two, it is for mountain bikes or cyclo-cross bikes only.
For next year please organise a better and more road friendly surface for the finish. 
Mark Wood Published: Tuesday 10 October 2017
Title: Wet Wet Wet
I thought it was a well organised and brilliant event, signage was excellent. The course was challenging and I really enjoyed it. The weather was awful though wet wet wet and windy.
I will return next year.
Can you please let me know where I came in my age group and overall please 
Gordon Jones Published: Monday 09 October 2017
Title: Battling inclement weather at the LE100
Signed up for the long route, but changed to the medium distance (due to the inclement weather conditions). Despite the wind & rain, pleased to complete the event, along with the 3 Counties Cycling Challenge. 

Generally well organised (pre-information, venue/start arrangements, feed stations).

Three small points for possible future consideration/improvement:
1. Might be preferable if the long/medium route split was located further into the course - allowing for a later decision by riders.
2. Direction signage could have been clearer in a few places (winding roads/slightly unclear junctions)
3. Decision for a timing cut-off away from the finish is OK, but the final coastal pathway wasn't a great surface for road bikes (especially in that dismal weather & no apparent bike cleaning available at the start/finish zone = very mucky bikes/clothing for the long drive home).

Apart from the above, a good event. Hoping for an opportunity to do again in better weather, when able to actually see & enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery en route.
Jonathan Oliver Published: Monday 09 October 2017
Title: Poorly organised, can't blame the weather, great food stops.
Would firstly like to thank anyone that volunteered to assist the running of this event in shocking conditions.
Great location (cannot give negative review for the weather)
Food stops being friendly and all stocked up.
Well sign posted.
Good medal.


Firstly the price varied from eventrac and LE100 site and thought was very expensive.
The route was not as advertised as on the day there was changes at Carnon Green and St Ives.
The route was to short so if you wasn't concentrating you would not have achieved a Gran Fondo.
The timing to finish in Penzance car park way to short was ridiculous. If your advertising a 100km, make it 100km or slightly greater and have the start/stop timing at the finish. People have paid a lot of money for this service, I did not pay for a 95km time.
Road bikes are very expensive and are for roads. They are not for bumpy, gritty, sandy, uneven and heavily pedestrianised routes. The end was not only unsatisfactory but also dangerous not only riders but for the general public and animals.
The food stops were really well stocked, it would've been great to see some of that food and drink available at the end of the race.

This was my first sportive and I can honestly say I'm dissapointed. Living down the SW I feel I could've saved my money and just rode the route against all that entered and used my Strava for my achievements.

David Perry Published: Monday 09 October 2017
Title: Retirement Treat..
After retiring last year I decided to try a new challenge and this is it.Sportives are a new challenge for me so i thought I would try my hand (or more to the point legs ). The event for me was really good excellent parking for my motor home and at a reduced price a well organised event and I imagine the views would have been brilliant weather permitting.Good climbing friendly atmosphere and a visit to lands end all well inside 4hrs so a gold medal to take home BONUS.As we were all aware the weather could have been kinder but it is what it is so sign up click in and crack on,I'll be back.  Thanks Dave Perry.
Martin Woollatt Published: Monday 09 October 2017
Title: Weather will improve - dreckly
The weekend prior to the Lands End 100 - a training ride for the BCR ladies who'd yet to experience riding out on the Penwith peninsular had to be cancelled due to inclement weather. Despite this being Kernow and knowing that we can 'do' weather down this way, belief was high that it couldn't be any worse come event day....if only!

Hope increased further despite the forecast when the day before proved to be near perfect - even a spectacular sunset and red sky to boot....

Saturday dawned and the patchy light rain with strengthening winds had already arrived. Maybe the weather front would pass through earlier we hoped..

By the time I lined up at the start with my club mate Darren, it was however decidedly gloomier. But - with a tailwind likely for most of the way over to the Lizard - we set off from Marazion with confidence. In fact, progress out to Coverack proved to be swifter than our conservative effort suggested - our eyes fixed on conserving energy for the head winds likely once the north coast hove into view.

It was at this recently ravaged fishing village however, that I had to revert to Plans B & C, as issues with my rear braking rendered the steep, narrow descent into something of an 'adventure'! An intermittently locking caliper forced more than the required caution given the conditions, on all similar down-hills from this point on. Not funny.

Unaware of my problems, Darren unsurprisingly gapped me as was the pre-ride plan if nothing obviously dramatic was apparent. By the time I'd made it up the ascent out of Coverack he was now a distant figure and 'free' to ride at his chosen pace. Now handicapped I was on my own as it were - not that this fazed me - and so it remained to the finish.

I took the first feed stop at Mawgan in reasonable shape though and only a little behind my planned schedule. The second sector continued well though with PR's still registering - in fact on the climb out of Gweek - I thought the weather may be improving to the west.

Such rash thoughts given by my local experiences! By the time the A394 was reached and traversed to head toward Stithians lake - conditions turned even worse.

Getting snarled up in Redruth didn't help matters either. Inactivity lead to feeling the chill which doesn't mix with being soaked through. Looking local (I am) - lead to being asked by other riders if there was a detour back to Pz. The unthinkable (quitting) became thinkable - but my inner stubborness won the debate inside my head and I pressed on to Portreath. A trial in itself despite being downhill, given the headwind blowing up the valley.

A swiftish ascent up the 'Wall' lifted spirits and the drastically slower than normal drag long North Cliffs, encouragingly boosted morale to a more normal level. 

With Hayle behind me, the climb out of of Lelant and onto the 2nd feed stop at Hellevor produced more PR's and i was buzzing again. Something I felt diplomatic to surpress somewhat, given some of the windswept & bedraggled souls I met within the respite of the chapel hall.

The road to St Just is easily one of my favourites - even on less clement days. On this occasion it was a brute. Poor visibility made spotting the usual landmarks (let alone the views) impossible - I usually arrived at them before I even realised they were nearby! Persistent rain became more insistent. And the head wind...don't get me started! But at least I picked up a rider to work with for some of the way which made things a little more tolerable.

I let him go by the time the steep ramp out of Nancherrow and into St Just as I gathered myself for the home stretch. The final feed stop was not required and bouyed by a short spell of tailwind up until briefly joining the A30 - the back of this latest 'Ton' was now broken.

Turning east towards Porthcurno and resumption of some tailwind boost enabled an 'emptying of the tanks' mentality. Treen Hill and it's 22% section still had to be tackled of course. Plus a similar descent into Mousehole also posed potential pitfalls.

The former was ridden comfortably - negotiating slower riders and some traffic enforced such prudence. That and receiving some birthday wishes from some rider friends from 'up along' which spurred me on further.

Lamorna came and went without incident. In fact with the turning for Regennis Hill approaching I began to close on some potential 'colleagues' for the final, sea level push to Newlyn & Pz. That brake problem temporarily blocked such hopes however- until a local bus negotiaiting the tight bends in the harbour area brought them back into play.

By the former lifeboat station - a poignant memorial these days to the Pendeen lifeboat disaster of 1981 - and a mixture of excitement and relief drove me on. A Bronze time of 7h 9m was short of hopes and potential for sure (this being my 4th LE100 - 2x100k;2x100 miles).But never have I felt such satisfaction for taking on such a ride - not even a Silver medad time at the Classic this year!

Helen Chessum Published: Monday 09 October 2017
Title: Debut baptism of fire!
At the grand old age of 62 I joined my first ever cycle challenge. I had trained quite a bit for this working up from 20 to 37 and then 42 miles before the day. I was pretty nervous beforehnad and had tried to think of evey angle BUT nothing could have prepared me for the condition we faced on Sat!!!!. Rain, strong headwinds and sidewinds and mist and fog. It became a real quest and was perversely enjoyable. The atrocious weather gave rise to great camaraderie and sticking together gaisnt the odds. Thanks to all those who chatted to me, encouraged me and spurred me on. There was even the odd spectator cheering through clenched teeth.
The advantage of the bad weather was that I hardly stopped so completed my event in 4 hrs 29 mins. I don't know who was more shocked me or my husband and training partner, Fuad.  He did the 100 K and was convinced I would have given up and gone back to our holiday flat bedraggled. I was not to be defeated. Proudly got my bronze medal which I'm wearing as I type this report.

Lovely food at Land's End shame about the weather!

Excellent signage and marshalling

End at Penzance a bit of an anti-climax.

Really glad I took up the challenge people told me it's lovely countryside which I can see if I register for next year's event!!!!!

Thanks a lot

Helen Chessum from Newton Abbot.
Steve Watt Published: Monday 09 October 2017
Title: Close to hypothermia
The weather was appalling, but that was nothing to do with the organisers. My only gripe was the lack of hot drinks at Land's End. I did the medium route and thought the feed station at St. Ives was excellent even if the room was full of around 50 or 60 shivering cyclists. The hot coffee was a godsend and the cakes were delicious. Thanks to all the volunteers. Moving on towards Land's End I was very tempted to take the short cut back to Penzance and abandon the event, but I soldiered on only to get a rear-wheel puncture at Pendeen. Land's End was bleak and not very welcoming, with only cold drinks and a selection of bananas and protein bars. I was close to hypothermia at that point and would have given £20 for a mug of coffee. I'm sure the wet and cold made my quads cramp up for the last 6 miles or so. Not a pleasant day at all. I'm 74 in a few weeks time, so next year I think I might downsize to the short route.
Mike Holland Published: Monday 09 October 2017
Title: Good event on the whole.
My experience of this ride echoes a lot of the previous comments;

The weather was awful but you can’t help that, but I think the medal times could of allowed for this? Otherwise you have people taking unnecessary risks down some very nasty descent on wet roads covered in mud, Leafs etc. Very dangerous! Not everybody can descend like a pro, including me. Ihope everybody who took part got back safely.

The feed stations were really good and guys were friendly and full of encouragement. 

The finish from the Harbour carpark to Longrock was appalling (isn’t that call cylcecross) I was plastered in gritty mud and this didn’t make for a very comfortable ride home or the brake surface on my wheels any good.

Looking at popular GPS tracking web site and watching a few people in front me, there were some interesting interpretations of the route? I should have used them, might of got a gold too? What about adopting the idea from other events like Dartmoor Classic which had timing at the feed station or Velo Birmingham have timing points on the route?

Don’t get me wrong I loved the challenge and will do it again, even in the rain & wind. All the cyclist I came across were full high spirits and friendly. So, in conclusion it’s a great event and nice that it’s on my door step, just needs a couple tweaks.

Peter Leatherbarrow Published: Monday 09 October 2017
Title: Can’t control the weather
Great sportive, very well signposted, good selection of food at the stops, great to see hot drinks on offer ( really needed due to the weather) 
couldnt here safety brief at beginning. Will try next year for all the views we couldn’t see this year. Thanks for not imposing the 1700 cut off as the weather had made this one of the toughest rides to date. 
Rupert Pearman Published: Monday 09 October 2017
Title: Good event. poor finish
This is a good event well organised with good food, excellent signposting and fantastic scenery if we had not had the terrible weather. However we couldn't see the point of going through the middle of Redruth, with all its traffic on a Saturday and most importantly the finish post was awful, in the carpark in Penzance, and then followed by a muddy ride along the footpath. We know you are trying to avoid the dual carriageway but the slightly nasty kick up to Gulval was infinitely preferable. 
Angela Hanks Published: Monday 09 October 2017
Title: Wet and windy
The weather was awful, with headwind for about 31 miles of the ride. Typical Cornish mist prevented us from seeing must. But i persevered and pushed my way up the hills regardless of the wind. Pedalling down hill was an experience. But I was determined to get a silver.  Time was against me but I carried on finding strength that I hadn't realised was still in me. 
Finally silver I was so pleased. I would like to do the route again preferably in better weather conditions.  
Scott James Published: Monday 09 October 2017
Title: Not as good as it should have been
  • Significantly more expensive than previous years.
  • Good to get pack before event to sort bike.
  • Map of route was not the same as the route on the day - around Carnhell Green and not then to Roseworthy Dip but via Baripper.
  • Could not hear guy giving instructions at the start - I doubt many did in the overall groups that went out.  Use a megaphone.
  • Food was very good and plentiful at stops.
  • No marshalls on the route at all - literally none.
  • Good signposting.
  • A few descents were in very bad condition; mud, leafs, etc. - marshals probably needed for those that did not know the roads.
  • Finishing timed section at Penzance car park was ridiculous planning.  People that enter a 100 mile or 100km ride want to ride that distance.  You wouldn't finishing a marathon after 24 miles and tell people to walk the rest.
  • The shared pathway from PZ to Marazion was dangerous and in no way suitable for a road bike event.  People have bikes which costs £1000's and the path was gravel and grit with potholes - completely unsuitable and makes you think that whoever planned that does not understand road cycling.
  • The shared pathway was rightly being used by people as families walking and by dog walkers - why put 100's cyclists along this - very thin - path at the same time?  
  • Should have just used the same route as previous years - correct distances and safer / better roads.
  • I cycled further up into Marazion at the end of the route as the ride would not have made it to 100km!  It was a few hundred metres short.  
  • Bag at end was fine, nice medal design.
  • One of your sponsors was a pasty company - would have been nice to have opportunity to be given / buy one at the end?!
  • Really not worth £42 when you think that most riders compete this as locals wanting to support local cycling events.
  • Sorry to be negative - I do want to keep cycling this event, it is my 5th year in a row, but some of the points above really need to be addressed for next year.

Tim Ball Published: Monday 09 October 2017
Title: Amazing route on a disgusting day

What a shame about the weather! Friday was still and beautiful... Saturday was rank!

I know this area well and the route from St. Ives to Lands End is one of the most roads in the UK on its day. I think I only got one very brief glimpse of the sea on Saturday...

However, this is the Cornwall coast in October - what do you expect - I had great fun anyway!

This was only my second Sportive and the first for my mate. Good to have a riding companion in that weather; it was a big motovational help and it actually became quite funny.

Organisation was faultless apart from the afore mentioned sandy path back to the finish line - My bike is still grumpy about that!

Jackie O'Keeffe Published: Sunday 08 October 2017
Title: Soggy, but a great day!
First Sportive for a friend and I.  We had a good ride and will do more.
I'd like to thank the gentleman that load me his pump at the bottom of the hilly outside of St Ives.
The signage and organisation was very good.
All in all, except for the weather this was a great event - I do agree about the last two miles, the coastal path in those weather conditions was not good!
Mike Little Published: Sunday 08 October 2017
Title: Lovely day on my bike in that weather
The weather was very windy and the rain didn't stop which was not great. But the weather didn't stop a lot of lovely people come and have fun. The ride was hard but fun. The feed station was amazing the people very helpful.the Hills well keep going .. loved it all. The last bit was not nice on the sand .wouldn't like that in next year's.  Over all me and my friends loved it.  And I have friends which are asking to do it next year with me .  So I think overall performance was amazing  would like to thank you all.
Neil Helson Published: Sunday 08 October 2017
Title: LE 100 46 miles
Great day, which would have been even better but for the weather,
Signs great as always
Feed stop at Lands End brilliant - great variety - much better than most 
The end - I understand why the clock stops in Penzance but the ride back across the trail adjacent to the railway was a nightmare. We got covered in sand and were just waiting for punctures. I have had to wash our bikes down twice and they are still not back to where they should be. Next time if it rains, perhaps suggest the road and turn off at Long Rock

Other than that pray for good weather but all good!!
David Whiteley Published: Sunday 08 October 2017
Title: My first 100 km sportive
Have done a couple 44 miles this year so in my wisdom thought it would be a good idea to end the season on a picturesque 63 miles. So up at 05-00 o'clock to travel down from Plymouth when I arrived the weather forecast was correct wet n windy.
After a quick briefing off we set at 08-30 up to Camborne no problems so far as wind was behind me and visibility was ok. 
Now the fun begins strong headwinds into Hayle at one point had to cycle going down the hill and when you reach the garden centre you turn left up a steep hill and it goes on and on and on till you reach top of St Ives where visibility has taken a turn for the worse but on the plus side first feed station.
After a welcoming 15 minute stop to refuel we turned left onto the scenic coast road to St just. When I said scenic I ment all you could see was about 20 feet infront of you and did I mention it was still raining. After what seemed like a never ending Road you get to go up a 17% hill into St just and then out to landsend for second food stop.
I only stopped for quick snack and to ring my gloves out and clean glasses then off back to Marazion thinking the hard work was done as I now have a tail wind how wrong was I when I found myself going up another 17% hill which peaks at 21% on the bend.
After having a quiet word with myself asking why I didn't stick to the 44 mile route as I would have been finished by now.after overcoming a couple more hills it was a frightingly steep drop into Mousehole due to the rain and then into Newlyn and flat ride into penzance where I crossed finishing line in 5 hours 9 minutes.
Back to Marazion to collect medal and goodie bag and change into some dry clothes as it was still raining. After completing my first 100km sportive would I do it again course I would I was smiling all the way back to Plymouth. See you again next year without the rain if possible
Andrew Greaves Published: Sunday 08 October 2017
Title: land end 100 miles - wind/rain/mist
A great route was dampen by the weather on the day. The event was really good apart from the 2 mile ride back to the start line at the end of the ride. Having struggled against the wind and rain all day, the ride back across the track to the start line really was not ideal for a road bike, adding in all the wet sand which got thrown up onto the chain/cassette/wheels took some of the enjoyment of just completing 100 miles in the challenging conditions down a little. For next year can I suggest this is changed, people have paid 1000's of pounds for their bikes and having sand being ground into the mechanicals is not good.

Route marking was clear and easy to follow, just about spot on really. The food stops came at around the correct mileage into the rides and were well stocked and had something for everyone. Staff we really helpful and friendly.
A friend had a tyre blowout and your team picked him up and got him back to the event base efficiently, thanks!. I liked the event and would consider doing it again but please look at re-routing the last 2 miles.

Martin Adams Published: Sunday 08 October 2017
Title: Cornwall crippler
Pleased to have completed the short route.
The wind/rain and fog did not help.Went quite well until the steep approach to St Just, (cramp) followed shortly after by a rear puncture.
Route back to Penzance was harder than I anticipated but hopefully I will be better prepared for 2018
David Musk Published: Sunday 08 October 2017
Title: Achievement in the wind and rain
Having been persuaded by friends to enter a beautiful ride at lands end we agreed. The mention of the 4 am start had been forgot until the glowing reports of calm and sun began to change for one day only. The day was of course event day and unfortunately the forecast was accurate and it blew and rained.
The challenge was on and it was difficult on occasions, but we achieved it .
one of our friends bikes died and was picked up within 10 minutes. The potential views were wonderful, from last years images. The organisation was excellent , what’s an early start once in a while.will be back.
kevin castell Published: Sunday 08 October 2017
Title: Brutal
The lands end 100 had horrendous weather from start to finish but there was no way I was not going to take part, I was chasing a gold to complete 3 golds in your 3 county challenge...luckily I done it but it was a massive struggle for me in that weather.
Tom Davey Published: Sunday 08 October 2017
Title: Shame about the weather!
A great event but a pity about the weather, overall very well organised although given the weather I think it was a real shame there wasn't a hot drink available on the second feed station and at the end as there was at the st Ives feed station. 
Rose Parkhouse Published: Sunday 08 October 2017
Title: Blown Away
There was rain, heavy rain, driving rain, wind, strong winds, headwind then more rain and more wind. Great camaraderie and motivation from all participants especially when the rain became heavier and the wind stronger. Happy to say I got. back  in one piece with a bronze medal as a bonus! Great ride although I’m not sure I thought so at the time, lovely people, fab food and a happy heart.
Mark Stocks Published: Sunday 08 October 2017
Title: Great event
Great event just a shame about the weather.  Only complaint was the off road stretch at the end,. caused a puncture and got the bike and myself completely filthy.
Michael Carpenter Published: Sunday 08 October 2017
Title: Didnt do it, weather was shite...
stayed at home and worked out in the garage instead. Pity because i like the course having done it 4 times previously. But i aint turning out in that...

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