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Vicky Cortvriend Published: Monday 12 March 2018
Title: This race had everything! Loved every minute.
Lined up 10 minutes before the dogs and 15 minutes before the husband (he had entered the 5k and is FAST)! My first race aim was to get up the steps (all 121 of them, 500 metres from the start) and down the muddy technical descent before being overtaken by dogs or husband. Got of to a good start and scrambled up the side of the steps overtaking several runners, walked and ran up the muddy trail overtaking more runners by ploughing straight through the mud and puddles, scooted down the technical descent passing loads of runners tiptoeing down and YES, first dog overtook me on the road out of the woods and husband got me just before he turned into the 5k finish. He was 5th overall and first V60 so a happy chappie.
Second aim was to beat my previous PB for a very muddy (but not so technical) 10k time of 1hr 31 minutes (I am SLOW!) and not be last one across the line. YES, finished hot and sweaty but very happy in around an hour 22 and was not last. Result a very happy old in years but young at heart lady and her equally young at heart husband. Thank you Joe (Outfit) for the training, motivation, encouragement and the event. Vicky
Tracy Sefton Published: Sunday 11 March 2018
Title: I absolutely loved it, never done a trail run before and hope to do many more
Well organised, harder that I thought it would be, maybe a bit too heart stopping in places, but finished and enjoyed it immensely, hopefully many more to come
Lisa Thomason Published: Sunday 11 March 2018
Title: Loggerheads 10k
I really enjoyed the loggerheads 10k trail run. The scenery was just beautiful. Although the terrain was difficult it wouldn't be the same without mud. 
Would definitely like to do another trail run here in the future. 
Jill Dykes Published: Sunday 11 March 2018
Title: First of what will be many...
Signed up for this race in a bit of an optimistic drunken stupor over the christmas holidays! Told my friend who wasn’t best pleased and then forgot about it!! Two months, and no training later, the dread kicked in and the hope for a snow fuelled cancellation. No such joy, so we trudged along with less then minimal enthusiasm. As the morning wore on and the atmosphere and yapping pooches built, a sense of excitement began.  Friendly faces, bustley crowd and the beautiful scenery made the start easy, from there on in it was fantastic, i absolutely loved every minute!! Bounding like a mountain goat in the mud and the occasional stop for a stroke of an adorable pup, I finished with glee in my heart and a pleasant ache in my thighs, I can honestly say I loved this race!!! Thank you to all those who helped and supported this event, it will be the first of many xxx
Holly Evans Published: Sunday 11 March 2018
Title: First go of the Loggerheads 10k
Fab event. Really well organised in a lovely location. Friendly atmosphere and it really is those great people who keep you going on the way around. The marshals are fabulous and it's so nice to hear a 'well done' or a 'keep going' 
For me it did well to prove that my fitness really is improving. Tough route but worth every inch of effort.

Thanks Joe! 
Cheryl Neal Published: Sunday 11 March 2018
Title: 5k of pure delightful hell!
This was my first trail run so 5k was my chosen distance. So glad i did as the thought of another lap around the first part of the course would have left me with a cold shiver. Saying that I enjoyed the challenge and will certainly do it again, maybe with my dog next time. Course was a bit too muddy in places to be confident under foot which slowed me down. Thanks to Marshall and all the organisers for help and support. Felt very welcome and everyone cheered each other on which was very welcoming to me as a newbie trail runner. Tough but loved it. 
Hollie Gregory Published: Sunday 11 March 2018
Title: Muddy fun
This is 3rd time I've participated in the Loggerheads Trail and those steps don't get any easier. At the top of the steps the trail still goes up and is very biggy and muddy. The centre of the path has Bern churned up so everybody chooses side routes dodging branches and rocks. 
The scariest bit is the top descent, I have broken my arm on a descent in Snowdonia so I find this part really stressful. Then we have the road where you can pick up a bit of speed. 
The trail is really difficult in places but it is great fun. Sign me up for next year! 

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