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IAN AUBORN Published: Thursday 03 May 2018
I have been waiting to take part in a Go Tri Duathlon for over a year, having to wait it out due to a meniscus injury. I was thrilled to eventually be able to take part in the first event this year. As a complete novice, I did not know anything about the format of the race, other than the information published. I was welcomed by John Setford, who explained everything I needed to know, in a simple and friendly manner.

Although there were only about seven competitors in my race I was so thrilled to complete it in first place, in a time of 56:20. I wanted to finish under the hour, so this time left me elated.

My favorite moment has to be the entire event, as it was so different to anything I have taken part in before and will certainly return for the next race. I so enjoyed pushing myself to new highs and meeting the elite competitors after the race. 

My worst moment, apart from trying to clip on my helmet with butter fingers, whilst dropping my glasses and stabbing myself with one of the safety pins, when turning my number from the back to the front, has to be after the transition from bike to the last run. It was at this point I suffered cramp in both calves. I now know I need to practice this before the next event. We all have a learning curve.  

I would like to close in thanking John Setford, for organising the event and really going that extra mile to make everything run like clockwork. Where would we be without people like John giving their time so we can compete?

Anton Pieterse Published: Thursday 07 September 2017
Title: Excellent

Another well organised event by John and his small team.

Great evening with great support.

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