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Andy Earl Published: Tuesday 14 November 2017
Title: A Great Event!
On arrival we found the car park full but the excellent staff from Fort Nelson soon had us parked in the south car park. The pre race entertainment and warm up was by a group called 'Timeless', this was a little unusual for a race and made the event that little bit more special. 
As usual with the Rural Running events, the organisation was great and the Marshals were excellent and very supportive, jelly babies and poppy power were the order of the day.
The event was well supported by both serving and ex servicemen and women. Massive respect to the retired Royal Marine that completed the 10k carrying a 100lb Began on his back!
All in all, a well organised event for runners of all abilities, running on closed roads through beautiful countryside with supportive marshals finnishing with a beautiful bespoke medal. 
The icing on the cake is that four wonderful charities benefit from the proceeds of the race. 
I'll definatly be back next year!
Helen Compton Published: Sunday 12 November 2017
Title: Hilly hard fun run

Nikkii Small Published: Sunday 12 November 2017
Title: Marshal to runner
Wow, that hill.......  I gradulated from C25K on Monday and raced this 5k as a runner. For the last 4 yrs I have been out on the routes marshalling, also at my local PR, with the hill named after me. 
For the 4 yrs I was no way going to be a runner, no way! With fibromyalgia being a massive problem. Now 10 weeks ago I started, hating every single minute. 3 pairs of trainers and far to much time running alone. I am a runner!!!
I'm a strong women and wanted to do a special race! What better one then for the fullen. 
The race itself was horrible and thinking of them got me round. If they can risk everything I can spend 2 days in pain to show my respect. Thank you for this race, thank you for my first medal, thank you for my first photo and a massive thank you for putting on the FIRST and most MENABLE race for me! #seeyounextyear
Alison Merrett Published: Sunday 12 November 2017
Title: Great first 'proper' run.
Loved the remembrance run, everyone was so encouraging and helpful. It was my first 'proper' run after graduating from C25K and I was quite pleased with coming 32 out of 60.

I will definitely enter more runs as a result of the well organised and lovely atmosphere at the Poppy Run.

The hill at the end however was a bit of a killer!
Carol Eaton Published: Sunday 12 November 2017
Title: Remembrance Day 10k Poppy Day
This is my first event with Rural Running and what a great event.
warm up , well it was the best ever great fun the music was so good and the way they got the runners involved was great and created an atmosphere that you were taking part in something special.

At the start the Hill was a Challange, with but the down hill afterwards was well received .
All the runners were so friendly and the marshalls were so upbeat and encouraging.
on the loops other runner high fives others and shouted encouragement to others.
there was a Marshall with a sign that said touch the poppy for poppy power just before a climb , brilliant.
the final climb required power walking and then a sprint to the Finnish.
I got a PB at this event.
Fantastic scenery, friendly runners , encouraging and happy marshalls and bystands standing outside there house.
thank you for a great event
Caroline Timoney Published: Sunday 12 November 2017
Title: Excellent race
well run race, the pre-race warm up entertainment was excellent - saved us standing around in the cold a dthe Timeless girls were great. 
Course was well signposted and Marshall’s were encouraging and helpful. 
Loved the medal at the end - great race even if the hills killed me! 
Vicki Evans Published: Sunday 12 November 2017
Title: The tale of 2 hills
Another fantastic running event by rural running the organisation was excellent as always. The girls singing at the beginning to the jelly babies at the foot of the hill were just genius. The medal was lovely again can't wait for the next event. Thank you jeff and all the fantastic marshalls for another great event. 
Katie Cox-Hockey Published: Sunday 12 November 2017
Title: Excellent Fun
Of the races I have done this year, this race has by far been the most fun. It was well organised and well marshalled. Everyone running seemed to be enjoying themselves and those ahead of others encouraged those behind to keep going. 
This event was quite hilly but even so great fun and I look forward to the opportunity to do the same next year.
Rural Running deserve a massive thumbs up for this event. Water points were on pointe as was the energy station at the start of the last km (I love me some haribo jelly babies).

All in all an excellent race and great day.

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