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Andy Ray Published: Tuesday 16 July 2019
Title: 1st 10k Run at olympic park

very warm. Started on time.

Sectional 16.5, 18, 17.5

jennifer joseph Published: Tuesday 11 June 2019
Title: Micheal Osunsami Stepping All Over Cancer

Out of all of the races I’ve ran, this one by far was the most enjoyable as I paced myself well and left a lot for the end. It was great to see my colleagues cheering me on.

The difficult part for me was the heat on that day it was a hot hot hot!

I would like to thank Jennifer Joseph for her passion and resilience in organising this event.

krishan shukla Published: Tuesday 07 August 2018
Title: my first 10k race
just run

Simon Harris Published: Saturday 02 December 2017
Title: First time 10k racer
I'm so glad that I choose the Race Organiser for my first ever 10k. I only took up running in April having realised I need to get myself fitter and although I've completed quite a few 5k's this was a new challenge for me. Travelling up to the Olympic Park in Stratford I had many nagging doubts - would I be last with everybody waiting to pack up, could I even complete the race, would I know what to do and where to go and how did the chip timing work! I needn't have worried as the TRO team were professional, well organised and extremely friendly.

So time passed and we were called to order for our pre-race warm-up. It was great fun and I was surprised to see so many other first time 10k runners! The warm-up over it was time to assemble for the off. I knew I wasn't going to be tearing off with the front pack so I mingled at the back. Under orders and we were off - the race was on. All the Marshall were so supportive and the venue really spurs you on.

So how did I do? Well did I manage to run the whole 10km without walking - no. But i did surprise myself buy completing the course just inside 1hr 10min which I was really pleased with as I thought I'd finish somewhere between 1:20 and 1:30. So all in all it was a great experience. There aren't that many 5 & 10k races (other than Parkrun) that are run on Saturdays so I will certainly be giving it another go in 2018 as I have a new PB to conquer! 

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