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Sarah Beesley Published: Wednesday 04 December 2019
Title: An event with so much potential
Fantastic location, great course and right next to home for me. Great tester for beginners to racing who want to experience a mini crowd condition. 
This event was let down by:
- the lack of signage,
- the lack of marshalling (thankfully local runners stepped in to assist with that),
- the registration, start and finish were very confused affairs 
- the winners were not seen through and poorly celebrated
- the race director was in a visible state of overwhelm and could have done with more support. 
This is a three lap course with only a finish chip time. My results show a three minutes discrepancy between watch and chip. 
Still good fun as a social occasion as it is local. 

Matt Dolan Published: Monday 03 December 2018
Title: Running Up That Hill
This was my second MCC Promotions 10K event (the first being the Reading Rivermead 10K a month earlier). It seemed much more organised this time. Southampton Common is a very scenic setting, where even the light drizzle and gusty winds couldn't dampen the runners' spirits.
The course was well laid out: 2 laps of 3.4km and a third of 3.2km. There were two downsides for me though. First, that it was all on a concrete pathway which isn't my favourite surface to run on but, given all of the rain, it was probably better than running on the mud - and the pathway was relatively puddle-free (and quite wide, so avoided any bottle-necking for runners). Second, it's a deceptively steep hill. It's starts with a gradual incline which isn't very visible, but you notice it when you're running. It gets a little steeper in places (nothing drastic though), leveling out every once in a while, but lasts quite a distance. The good news with it being a lap is that what goes up must come down, and the second half of the lap is pretty much all downhill. Hills are my nemesis, but it was certainly good practice for me. There were plenty of marshals lining the route, all of whom did a great job of cheering the runners on.
The facilities were generally good. A water station was provided at the start/finish line, although the two guys on duty there seemed to struggle a little keeping up with the demand, but did a fantastic job nonetheless. There was an ambulance crew on standby, a coffee van to provide hot drinks and snacks for the spectators and, although there were toilets, the three port-a-loos did have a really long queue in the twenty or so minutes leading up to the start of the race. I think some runners got caught out by this. The run director was still talking to us in the middle of the starting pack when the hooter went off and the run began, but it wasn't anything to complain about really.
Unfortunately for me, an old injury reared its ugly head during the run so although I put in a fairly good first lap, my subsequent lap times suffered greatly. I still managed a respectable time, but knew I could have done better. I made a couple of new friends and enjoyed the run overall though.
David Bennett Published: Tuesday 19 December 2017
Title: Why not to register next year!
In summary an amateur run event charging a professional race price.
Pre-event admin chaotic, received a receipt for Nov despite web site saying race was 17th Dec, no route map published.
Three porta-loos with 20 min queue
Bag drop was unticketed and unsecured in an open sided gazebo where everything got wet when the forecast rain arrived.
Despite having the whole of Southampton Common to use for 10K, they chose a short route loop next to The Avenue so we went thru The Cowherds pub car park entrance three times.
First aid point invisible if it was present.

No PA or magaphone, so did not hear any pre-race instructions which were spoke to the front rows of the race entrants.
Reached for water on the second lap and told they had run out.
T-shirt damp when pulled from rain soaked box and had no reference to the race, just a list of 2018 races by MCC promotions.
Chipped time results not available until later on Monday - yet other organisers can do it on the same day, even immediately after the race  for a simple data upload.
This runner will vote with their feet next year and book with a professionally run Southampton race.

graham wickham Published: Monday 18 December 2017
Title: Average Race
Having chosen the venue for a race the organisers obviously have to make the most of it. Therefore if they wanted a 10k race it had to be 3 laps which is not popular with a lot of runners. The most disappointing things as far as I am concerned was the very poor quality shirt and cheap looking medal without even the year of the event. I realise you have kept the cost down but I think most people would pay the same price and just have a decent medal. The worst thing is that the results give no age details. We have to give our age on the entry form  and it is included on the race entries list so why not on the results. Most of us have no chance of coming in the first three but it is good to be able to compare yourself with runners of the same age.
At registration nobody mentioned the chips. Obviously if you read the race information before the race you should know you have to pick up a chip but at most races you are given the two together. When I got to the start I noticed two runners without chips and suggested they go back and get one. I hope they got back to the start in time.
I feel sure that with a bit more attention to detail this race could become much more popular.
Robert Wilson Published: Monday 18 December 2017
Title: Southampton Common10k
Small but friendly event, very well organised. Plenty of dog walkers to weave your way in and out of.
Walter Thorpe Published: Monday 18 December 2017
Title: 10k at 78
A coldish morning to do another 10k race, over 260 done now. A well organised race on a good flat course. Felt ok on the multiple laps. I would reccommend this race to my fellow athetes looking for a PB in the future. I will always support local races in the south.
See you next year.
Anita Johnson Published: Monday 18 December 2017
Title: Good
3 laps of the course was slightly dull! 24 hours after finishing, we are still waiting for the results to be published. Race numbers were only available to collect on the morning of the run - I would have preferred for it to be posted. So, in many respects, not great really, in comparison to other 10k's I've been in. 
Though, marshals, crowd & participants were all really nice & it's nice to race on the common without a huge crowd (the usual Parkrun held here is incredibly popular!). 
Overall, yes I probably will be back next year! 

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