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Joe Harper Published: Wednesday 09 August 2017
Title: Good progression
Considering I have been training mostly for long distance runs, I was very happy with my time in the 5K - nearly hitting a PB. I started a bit too fast but after 1k remained at a pace I could hold, and grinded it out until the finish line. I forget how difficult 5k runs are, short and painful! 

I need to get back into the Saturday morning park runs.
Penny Elliott Published: Wednesday 09 August 2017
Title: Battersea 5k
This is the first year that I have run this 5k. It's a very well run event.  It has a nice mix of runners, young and senior. Very friendly marshals , who we couldn't do without. I have been lucky to win my age group and was delight with the prize, mango and melon. Such a clever idea. 
Thank you all I will be back next year. Penny 
Shankara Smith Published: Tuesday 11 July 2017
Title: Photos available
Hi, you can see photos from the race at http://ukgallery.srichinmoyraces.org/London/2017/10k-RACE-24-June

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