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Marina Pak Published: Tuesday 26 May 2020
Title: I and my friends so happy to be part of such a great international race!
Thanks a lot to everybody who run with us this races every Monday!
It was a great experience  of oneness with all of you!

Marina, Donna, Edwin, Sergey from San Diego 
Tavishi Matthews Published: Monday 18 May 2020
Title: An Australian running in Oslo
I've been running for 20 years or so and somehow have never seriously raced the 5km distance.  Being able to look up the results of friends of mine in other countries has been a real inspiration and a motivator to try to run faster each week .  Racing on your own introduces unique challenges which I'm hoping, having faced them, will make me stronger and faster at some future date, when we are able to run in crowds again.

The highlights for me as always are pretty basic: getting myself to the starting line (perhaps the main achievement); keeping going until the end (oh yeah that's critical too) and my absolute favourite -  crossing the finishing line and knowing that I can stop and rest!.

All my gratitude to the London Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team for offering a practical, challenging series of races that connects us virtually to the whole world. These races are a welcome focus in these unusual times!!!.

Narasimha Rao Bandi Published: Tuesday 12 May 2020
Title: Jog around Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve in Canberra.
I jogged around Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve in Canberra via AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) and GIO Canberra Stadium and Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve.

Weather was pleasant & perfect for jog and I thoroughly enjoyed!
Kim Owens Published: Monday 11 May 2020
Title: Correct race time
Race time should be 26 mins and 50 seconds
Alan Cameron Published: Monday 11 May 2020
Title: Another Route Closer to Home
Once again this was myself & Charlie's 2nd run of the day after doing the Kaimes Road Challenge in the afternoon. 
Tonight's 5K was a nice flat 1 mile loop not far from the house, probably the only flat 1mile loop anywhere near my Corstorphine hill home. 
My hamstring injury is still slowing me down a little but Charlie is starting to find his feet again with a fantastic run. 
We are both pretty happy with our times and hopefully we can both get a little better next week.
Alan & Charlie 
Валентина Гуцол Published: Monday 11 May 2020
Title: 00:036:00
Солнечно и жарко . Побила свой предыдущий рекорд! 
Sharani Robins Published: Tuesday 05 May 2020
Title: Windy but Wonderful
I used the Runkeeper app to measure 2.5K out and back on a bike path along a river alongside where I live. It was very windy heading north for the first 2.5K and I felt like that impacted my pace but returning back to the start, traveling south was easier. I only just recently started running again after a hiatus from it and it feels so wonderful to be back. Since this distance is a bit of a challenge for me at this stage, I started chanting strong body, quiet mind, eagerness vital and affectionate heart silently during the race. I really liked the way that felt!
Andrew Carroll Published: Tuesday 05 May 2020
Title: Getting cold!
Decided to run this morning (here in Melbourne)
It was a cold but really nice day to be out
Nice flat course this week which seems to help.
Need to get outside more for my runs, but I am a bit of a fair-weather runner so the treadmill will help keep me moving
Beat my time from last week, happy about that :)
Jason Cooke Published: Monday 04 May 2020
Title: Better each week
I had been doing quiet a few HiiT workouts and my knee had been playing up a little, but a little rest and ice seemed to do the trick. I was quietly surprised I ran quicker again. Conditions this week were ok, a little breezy on mile 2 similar to week one. This week I felt pretty strong and really enjoyed the run, I even finisher my run stronger and again my mile times were very consistent. Great motivation to have a series like this to enjoy and get involved in - Thank you :)
Margaret Maloney Published: Monday 04 May 2020
Title: Marg

I love the concept but find it hard to upload results as am in Australia and it does not appear to open before UK time?Is that correct?

Mohamed Alowainati Published: Tuesday 28 April 2020
Title: My timing is not match my overall position
Hi Sir /Madam 
I would like to highlight that I have finished America 5 K run in 21:46 , however my position is showing wrong . Kindly advise what is the reason 

Andrew Carroll Published: Monday 27 April 2020
Title: Virtual run - first effort
First time aiming for a proper under 30 minute 5KM, outside, for a long time.
It was a cold start this morning and I had to wear a long sleeve. Warmed up at about the 2KM mark, and was a beautiful morning to run.
Worked hard to maintain a pace that I could run at the whole time. Pushed the last KM to make sure I broke 30 minutes. 
Finished on 29:09, 5.02KM - 29:04 line time

Glad to have this as a target each week for the next few weeks!
Tavishi Matthews Published: Monday 27 April 2020
Title: Oslo Harbour
Race was run at around 7.30am.  It was quite challenging to race alone for 5kms and maintain top speed intensity.  I'm still trying to find the perfect smooth and relatively flat course in Oslo with minimal obstacles.  This course was down by the harbour and was much faster than last week's route but still had four road crossings and 500m of uneven paving in it.  
Валентина Гуцол Published: Monday 27 April 2020
Title: 0:38:01
Пробег на самопреодаление! Пока мой лучший результат!
Jason Cooke Published: Monday 27 April 2020
Title: Improvement but still room for more.
First mile was a little breezy but overall my mile mile splits were very even, still feel I can go out a little slower and work into it for negative splits. Legs were also a little tired from yesterdays training, but overall happy with the improvement from last weeks run.
Валентина Гуцол Published: Monday 27 April 2020
Title: Результат 0:38
0: 38 Пока мой лучший результат. я рада , что учавствую
Валентина Гуцол Published: Monday 27 April 2020
Title: Бежалось легко!Пока мой лучший результат- 0:38(5 км)
Imogen Jones Published: Tuesday 21 April 2020
Title: Strongest run in months
I thought I'd been losing my fitness - but I think it was just motivation - so I signed up to the Sri Chinmoy Virtual 5K Race Series to add a bit of the competition element that I'm missing from parkruns and races. Not to compete with the speedsters but to compete with myself! I managed a sub 30 5k, and 1 mile PB!

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