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Ali Guihen Published: Tuesday 27 February 2018
Title: Not my favourite
I emtered this run hoping for a fun race. I read the race instructions and it was easy to find and park. Toilet facilities were good for the number of people participating. I was disappointed that there was no warm up at 09.50 as stated on the instructions. Instead there was a naff Royal Wedding thing which didn't help racers get prepared to run in such cold weather, or inspire an excited vibe to get us into race mode. Next year I would stick to the advertised warm up. I liked the course, but the mile markers were wildly inaccurate in places (maybe someone moved them), but it was a bit off putting. The most frustrating thing about this race was the unclear course markings. Although I tried to memorise the race course, I couldn't remember it all amd ended going the wrong way on 3 occasions, the third was when incorrectly directed by a marshall.... The fruit at the end was a nice change from thw usual sweets and sugary gels / treats so they were welcome. The volunteers were mostly great and very appreciated, but I wouldn't do this race again because of the issues with the course markings.