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Kristina Randrup Published: Monday 27 November 2017
Title: a long awaited PB
The last time I raced a 10k, over a year ago, I came close to running sub-40, crossing the finish line at 40:13. For over a year, those last 13 seconds have frustratingly loomed over me, with no opportunity to redeem myself. I have an unusual approach to racing: I run every day, with a pretty consistent weekly mileage and pace and only throw in minimal speed work when I have race coming up. Because I don't train specifically for races, I never quite know how prepared I am for the race when I'm standing on the start line. Yesterday, I managed to sneak across the finish line in 39:28, almost a minute PB and over two minuted before the next woman. It was a good feeling to say the least and makes me even more excited for my next races and running capabilities.