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Carol Bradwell Published: Monday 04 June 2018
Title: tough, fun, rewarded by beautiful countryside and spectacular views.
It's notably one of the most difficult races over mixed terrain, that I know of, and this year, the hot, hot weather added to the mix!! Although I have now done about 7 of these, this year's stands out as being the hottest, but, because of absence of mist, one of the most stunning areas to suffer a half marathon distance. Even the heat was forgotten at the top of the Tennyson monument, - 
I was so grateful that my Club mates had all opted for the half, having recently completed a marathon in France, otherwise I could have quite likely still been out there now, foot sore, weary and thirsty!!!

A great event, pity about not providing an extra water station, despite the conditions forecast, but I'll still be coming back in years to come.