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Donna Chikuti Published: Tuesday 08 August 2017
Title: A lot more hills than expected but got a PB so not complaining
As the race was advertised as fast I was expecting it to be mostly flat so was a bit shocked by all the hills , however I beat my previous Pb by 1min exactly so I'm happy with that .
could of done with more than two toilets but but overall was a good race . I enjoyed the course & the Marshall's were amazing . Lovely bling . Will return next year .
Jonathan Gayfer Published: Monday 07 August 2017
Title: Wickham 10k 2017
I enjoyed my overall experience of the event.

I read the instructions about the event but did not take on board that the registration location was someway from the start and in fact was alongside the suggested car park - not sure if this was made clear.

I thought the toilet facilities were very limited as was the facilities for disposing of litter at the start.

I like that the drink facilities on the course were bottles and not cups. However again there seemed little opportunity to dispose of empty bottles in a bin on route to the finish.

I enjoyed the route taken by the run and the blend of quiet roads and busier roads through the villages, which gave the runners something to look at.

Only my second 10 k in recent years but I improved my time significantly. I would be keen to return next year

Jan Collis Published: Monday 07 August 2017
Title: Team Spirit

I am a Netley Abbey Runner and ran as part of a team of three on the day. The race for me was a run up to a half marathon and my colleagues were both coming back from injury. We had decided before we started to run as a team and when we saw all the hills our mantra was  "It's a training run". The day was perfect and the scenery glorious and we finished as a team in a reasonable time. What was most important is that we all enjoyed it.

Glenna Greenslade Published: Monday 07 August 2017
Title: Wickham 10K
I thought it was very well organised, plenty of information beforehand via email and facebook. Parking was good, registration was smooth.  Good to have the toilets at the start although long queues.

I enjoyed the race, the weather helped. Initially I had reservations about using roads that were not closed but it was ok. A few people did come across some ignorant drivers but luckily I didn't.  I was expecting a fast, flat course so the hills were a surprise but I did manage to get a PB so they couldn't have been too bad.  I also won my age category so I was well pleased.  It was also nice to have a trophy to keep as I have won my age group in previous races I have had vouchers which are useful but nothing like a trophy so show family and friends

elizabeth smith Published: Monday 07 August 2017
Title: Great
the race was very well organised 
The route had to be changed which was out of there hands, which meant it was quite hilly. To be honest it was nice not knowing this till there!!! 
Matshalls where great looks of cheers and encouragement, they keep me going.
look forward to his one next year 
Simon Carson-Jones Published: Monday 07 August 2017
Title: Wickham 10k
A good local road race. Well organised, friendly atmosphere.
Rich Harris Published: Monday 07 August 2017
Title: 1st event after my open heart surgery
I thoroughly enjoyed this event and was attacted to the rural running event because if the 'your race your pace' logo . I only started getting into running a few years ago and completed my 1st great south run last year . I then unfortunately had to have major open heart surgery this year with new valves and other parts put in . This surgery wasnt helped by the severe reaction i had to the blood meds which destroyed my bloid cells and kept me in hospital for a further 5 weeks stuck in bed whilst my bloid was sorted . This meaning my muscles i had wasted and needed to be built up slowly .so this event was a real test and i so grateful it was a well organised event with lots of marshalls around the route.  There was no pressure to get it over quickly and was pretty comfortable all the way round with friendly runners . Was great to get a instant result after and a lovely medal. Its people like the ones who run this event that make it nice for non competitive people like myself who just want events to help motivate and keep you pushing yoyr limits . Thanks  251 out of 276 im happy with that  . Next one i be 241 

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