Eastbourne Folding Bike Championships - Saturday 27 July 2019

5 laps
Race Date:
Sat, 27 July 2019 - 02:30 pm
Closing Date:
Wed, 24 July 2019 - 12:00 am
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Eastbourne Folding Bike Championships

Eastbourne Folding Bike Championships

Registration opens at 13:30 for this event.

LeMans style start total 5x Laps

The Eastbourne Cycling Festival

Folding Bike Championships

Race Rules


The Race format

Riders will be given an opportunity to ride a minimum of one lap of the circuit to familiarise themselves with the course. They will then fold their bikes completely and place them in their pre-designated starting grid area. The race will be started in La Mans style where riders will run 50 metres to their bikes, put on a formal tie, unfold their bikes and start the 5 lap race.

Folding Bikes

Only folding bikes with wheels sized 20 inch or less are permitted to race. 

Starting positions

You will need to be first on the circuit to get the best position on the circuit. All bike must be properly folding and ties must be places next to your bike. Any bikes not correctly folded will be moved to the back of the grid.

Rider Apparel

Formal business attire should be worn on the upper torso and a tie is required in the starting sequence. A prize will be presented to the best dressed rider. Race numbers must be attached to left back of the rider and must be clearly visible. Helmets are compulsory from the start. No sponsored apparel is to be worn without prior permission of the race director.

At The Start

Once all the bikes are in position riders will move to the start line approximately 50m from the grid. On the gun, race riders must run to their folded bikes, put on their tie, unfold the bike and begin the race.

During The Race

During the race no deliberate contact is to be made between riders; however derogatory comments are permitted and encouraged.

At The Finish

After racing the 5 laps, the first over the finish line is the winner.

Rider Conduct

Unsavoury commuter conduct (deliberate barging, tripping, biting, gouging, etc.) is not permitted, but normal commuter conduct such as jostling, obstruction, distraction tactics BEFORE mounting the bike is allowed.  

Only folding Bikes with wheels sized 24 inch or less are allowed. No power assisted bikes permitted.

Cycling helmets are compulsory for all racers.


Cash prizes will be given to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed riders and a prize will be awarded for the best dressed racer.

Insurance and Indemnity

    1. Payment of entry fee provides acceptance of the following:
    2. Third party public liability insurance for competitors which covers accidental loss or damage to Third Party Property or accidental bodily injury or death to Third Party Persons.
    3. Insurance exclusions include claims from one competitor against another in a cycle race and personal accident or injury. Eastbourne Cycling Festival and Velopace CC accepts no liability for damage or theft of competitor’s possessions bike or possessions. Competitors enter the race at their own risk and Eastbourne Cycling Festival CIC accepts no liability for accident or injury. Eastbourne Cycling Festival and Velopace CC advises all competitors to provide their own personal accident and injury insurance.

Organiser Details

Eastbourne Cycling Festival CIC
Eastbourne Cycling Festival CIC website
Contact Details
: info@eastbournecyclingfestival.com
: 07494227047

Race Info

Eastbourne Folding Bike Championships
Eastbourne Folding Bike Championships
Race Date
27 Jul 19 - 14:30
Entries Close
28 days


Standard Price
£10.00 (+ £0.70)