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Paul Woodgate Published: Wednesday 06 June 2018
Title: An enjoyable portion of the road to a Spring marathon
This was the second time I'd done the event (the first being 2016).  Whilst the end of race goody bag was slightly depleted relative to 2016, overall I couldn't fault the event.  This year there was a freeze over much of the country and many events cancelled but Clapham Chasers/eventrac made the right call in going ahead.  I can't imagine wanting to do a 20 mile race for its own sake but as a long run done at a faster pace than my normal Sunday effort as I work towards a Spring marathon (London in my case) I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this event, hence the 'race or pace' in the name.  Entrants go off in pace groups which is really handy.  This helps the early miles go by and you get to know some of the other runners (and whether they're appropriate to try to keep pace with) as you go along.  My group quickly split as I sought to join a breakaway from the 7:30 milers, but even in the final stretch as I started flagging, one of the original pacers caught me up and helped me pick things up near the end.  No question, if you're based in London (it's an early start) and planning on doing a Spring marathon, this is well worth entering.  As the event has significant sections of what might termed more as trail running along the towpaths and doesn't have road closures, this is perhaps less an occasion to try and get a 20 mile PB.  There are probably faster 20 milers.  As a training event though, very friendly and well organised at the same time, 5/5!
Caroline Kelly Published: Monday 12 March 2018
Title: A great build up race for any Spring marathon
With the heavy snowfall earlier in the week potentially this race could have being called of!! I was praying to the weather gods all week this wouldn’t happen as no one likes to face a 20 mile training run on their own. Thankfully we received the email on Sat morning to say the race was goind ahead!! What a relief!! 
I have completed three  marathons at this stage . Thr completion of a two/three 20 mile runs is paramount but I also think one if not two of these should be done under race conditions. That’s why I really wanted to do this run again this year.
Certainly this years race didn’t disappoint me even if I finished the course two mins slower than last year that is my own faults unfortunately can’t blame the organisers for that. I set of with 7.30 min mile group and there was a large amount of runners for this group so they ended up splitting the group into two which was a gud idea considering the path could get congested along the route with lots of eager marathon runners. Like last year there was lots of Marshall’s along the route which is great especially when they provide you with some much needed words of encouragement. 

When end we finally reached the finished line and we were giving our bags straight  away by the organised guys in the park drop it’s was lovely to change into some warm clothes. I attempted a warm Dow  2noles which was nearly tougher that’s the 20 mile race but then the i was met by the highlight of the day the table of cakes that were all gennourously donated
by the chasers! runners!lclearly there are a very talented club great atheltes, great at organising events and also great at baking some well earned treats after a race.. . As previously mentioned this is a
must do race for anyone with serious intentions of doing a spring marathon..

Richard Mutanda Published: Monday 05 March 2018
Title: My experience of the Thames Riverside 20 event
This was the first time I participated in this event. The reason I wanted to participate in this event was for training for an upcoming marathon. Also it is a 20 mile run which is longer that a half mile. I felt when I arrived at the registration to collect by running badge number the reception was lukewarm which slightly put me off. Also there were a few portable toilets which meant long queues. The star of the show were the marshals along the route. They were full of encouragement and smiling which encouraged you to run on and not give up. Toilets were an issue. No toilets along the course which was not good. Overall, I think this event can be much bigger and famous with better organisation and advertising.
Claire Bashford Published: Monday 05 March 2018
Title: fantastic
Great route could Hav done with signed to let people know there was a race on, racers were fantastic however havnt had my chip time yet
Grace Vincent Published: Monday 05 March 2018
Title: Great training run
I thought that this was a really well organised and friendly run. I chose to do it for a training run as I couldn't face running 20 miles by myself and ended up running the whole 20 miles with someone in my pacing group that I met on the day. Thought goody bags were good and marshalls all lovely! 
Michael Davies Published: Monday 05 March 2018
Title: Preparation Guide
Found the event  to be well  though  out . Local  running  club  organised  everything. This  meant that it was  a  friendly  social  gathering. The marshals  and supporting club  runners made  the  run  more  enjoyable . The pacers were  excellent and guided  us  through the  run. The  high fivers and cheering club  runners at the  half way  point was  refreshing.  A good preparation run for  upcoming  marathons. Thanks Mike Davies 

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