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Most management committees/boards have some sort of challenge with individual members. Whether it’s a running club, a cycling group, or a team sport, the management team needs to perform several different functions to keep the club afloat, to grow its members and stay financially healthy. ‘Best practices’ are often passed down from generations of committee members through handovers, as well as through a restructuring with the introduction of new coaches. But why not through inter-club collaboration? At ClubHub, we want to help club leaders do just that. 

ClubHub is an online community created and developed around leading sports clubs, the adversities faced in doing this and how to overcome them. 

What can you do in ClubHub, and how can it help you?

  • Get advice- from others in the group
  • Answer questions- on topics you have experience in
  • Receive support- from others who can help your situation 
  • Gain recognition and status- in a community of like-minded leaders
  • Network- form partnerships with other club leaders and build your connections 
  • Share information- on news, industry topics or common ground with others
  • Share experiences- to get comments and start conversations!

Is the ClubHub community for you?

In all types of sports committees, there are people who assume different roles and often do it voluntarily: observers, facilitators, leaders, and others who give some other kind of support. What defines and distinguishes the spirit of each group is that members collaborate around a common activity facilitated by the leaders, that unites them, and they themselves provide valuable and meaningful experiences for the rest of the participants.

Being part of ClubHub, you can share all aspects of your experiences leading your group. You can create polls on the group to take valuable feedback or opinions from your peers. On top of that, you can create a conversation thread centring around any topic related to your club queries. With honesty at its centre, what could be more useful than bouncing ideas back and forth with others performing your exact role? 

  • Here are some of the ways you can interact with others in the group:
  • Create Polls Quicker and Take Feedback Immediately
  • Post on the group feed to get comments from others
  • Comment on other posts 
  • Message other members individually

Hot topics in ClubHub

  • Creating a sub-group of a larger club for your area
  • The best associations and insurers for your club
  • Thinking of starting a new club in your area?
  • What to include in your membership fees
  • Monthly vs annual fees
  • Best committee handover practices 
  • Recruiting new committee members
  • Best training programmes for coaches
  • Managing different member abilities
  • Organising club events
  • Connecting active people to local workouts

We’ll be expanding on these topics within the Facebook Group… stay tuned for more!

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