Title Brief
The Accidental Race The Accidental Race Read more
Trail Running for Weight Loss: What Beginners Need to Know- by Maddison Gilbert Weight Loss Read more
Free Hike Free Hike Read more
What to wear wild swimming there are no fast and hard rules when it comes to what to wear for your wild swimming adventures. The most important thing is that it lets you enjoy the water the way you want to. Read more
Planning a new trail running route is simpler than you think and will bring big benefits Top tips to finding new trail running routes Read more
Launch of SouthEast Swimrun Series coverage of the new SouthEast based Swimrun Series Read more
Jude and Paul take on Rockman Swimrun: The World’s Toughest Swimrun Race The World’s Toughest Swimrun Race Read more
Swimming micro-adventure in the Lake District - Paul Mackenzie heads off to the Lakes for a nocturnal swimming adventure Outdoor Swimmer Magazine feature a Ruckraft Micro Adventure Read more
Liminal: How wild swimming can support positive mental health. One woman's story. Jude Palmer became incredibly ill with mental health struggles. Liminal explores how wild swimming in rivers, lakes and oceans has helped her deal with her illness and how she now helps others discover the benefits of nature and being in water. Read more
The SWIMRUN SHOW Chat lots of swimrun with Jude and Paul Read more
The Wild Swim Project … Transforming the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Adults and Teenagers Since early 2022, STA Open Water Swimming Coaches’ Paul Mackenzie and Jude Palmer have been running cold water wild swimming courses for groups of adults and teenagers with significant mental health, anxiety, and depression as part of The Wild Swim Projec Read more
I found a sense of freedom at 49 through a challenging new hobby - Hello Magazine Jude Palmer took up an extreme hobby which helped ease the stress of daily life Read more
I went for a cross-country swim in the Thames — here’s what happened - Liz Edwards: The Sunday Times With tea and cake in tow, Liz Edwards of The Sunday Times joins us to discover a much more civilised approach to wild swimming Read more
My Surrey Hills: Jude Palmer Trail running in trail paradise, The Surrey Hills Read more
New year, new name, new'sletter Grab yourself plenty of adventure in 2024 Read more
South East Swim Run Series - new venues and distances for 2024! Quays Lake joins the South East Swimrun Series family Read more
Why Enter Early Why should you enter EARLY? Read more
this is the news article title this is the news article excerpt Read more
New partnership announced LifeJacket Skin Protection Read more
Swashbuckler Squad Why I'm joining the squad Read more
News News Read more
2023 Race dates 2023 Read more
News News !! Read more
Report from the TRA Committee Meeting held 27th October 2018 Report from the TRA Committee Meeting held 27th October 2018 Read more
Notice of the TRA Committee Meeting 15th May 2016 Notice of the TRA Committee Meeting 15th May 2016 Read more

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