1-2-1 Run Coaching Session

1:1 run coaching, including face-to-face sessions and personalised training plans for trail runners whatever their running story

​Individual Coaching:
How many times do you actually look at how you run? How is your technique for hills? Do you have a range of techniques depending on conditions, terrain etc?
Small tweaks, for example, around body position or cadence can often make huge differences to our fitness, chance of injury, speed and ultimately enjoyment. In a short space of time, using video analysis and specific exercises, I can identify those improvements and give you a plan of action including strength and conditioning, drills and flexibility/co-ordination exercises. Often improvements can be seen in the same session. 
1 hour sessions: £50
A block of 10 sessions booked in advance: £45 per session

If you would like to share a session with a friend, get in touch for prices.
For a free consultation please get in touch. I am always very happy to have a chat on the phone or via email if you have any questions.

1-2-1 Run Coaching Session

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