'Beat the Virus' Virtual Exercise

Next Race: 31/12/2020

With social exclusion now introduced, pubs 'clubs and leisure centres closed. Club runs cancelled, and races postponed, getting the motivation to keep fit on your own is going to so much harder


Stay local, stay indoors, or run around your garden, and receive a custom ' Beat the Virus' medal in the post.

Lets keep fit, while we keep safe and Beat the Virus


All the profits will go directly, and immediately, to the people keeping the NHS going. We will be putting fuel in nurses cars, sending pizzas to busy doctors and NHS call centres, and paying the fares for local NHS workers to egt to work. We can't bail out the NHS, but was can sure  as hell make life a little easier fo the workers keeping it going.


'Beat the Virus' Virtual Exercise Dec 2020

  • 31/12/2020, 00:00

    Beat the Virus Virtual Marathon

    42194 Meters run £12.00
  • 31/12/2020, 00:00

    Beat the Virus Exercise Campaign

    5 Km run £7.00
  • 31/12/2020, 00:00

    Beat the Virus 10k Virtual

    10 Km run £12.00
  • 31/12/2020, 00:00

    Beat the Virus Half Marathon Virtual

    13.1 M run £12.00