Gato Sports Virtual 10K

With entries very limited for our Gato Sports Head Torch 10K we wanted people to be able to join in the fun with our Gato Sports Virtual 10K!

Run your 10K whenever you like, it doesn't need to be in a forest at night, but extra kudos if it is!!

We've partnered with Gato Sports for a few years now with their award winning head torches a great companion to our Head Torch 10K events but they do more! Gato Sports produce top quality technical sports T shirts from recycled plastic bottles! So for this event we've partnered with MySports and More to send every entrant an awesome recycled plastic Gato Spots Tech T to mark the event.

We'll get these printed and sent out around 3 weeks after entries close - so you can even have it on when you storm through your 10K effort!

You can upload your results direct to Big Bear Events and share pictures of your efforts (and your T!) on social media, make sure to tag #bigbearevents, #gatosports and #mysportsandmore

We'll have some Gato sports spot prizes for top effort and selfies too.

Sign up now!!!

Gato Sports Virtual 10K

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    Gato Sports Virtual 10K