Haldon Heroic

Exeter Race Course, Kennford, Exeter EX6 7XS

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4.5/ 5

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Paul Caldwell

Great part of the country to cycle

Route a bit convoluted at the end but the best event of its style I’ve done since the Adventure X series ended. I have more fun on the downhills with my mtb than getting passed by gravel riders on the road :)

Reviewed using Eventrac, Apr 2022
Edward Welstead

Excellent well organised event

Great route with a fantastic mix of terrain.
Friendly atmosphere

Reviewed using Eventrac, Apr 2022
sharon Sharples

Great event and good value

I think a few more signs could of been put about. Some were quite small to spot.coming out of the back of the racecourse at the end onto the road,only had orange paint. It needed a big arrow I feel.
Also some of the signs were still out around teigngrace today(monday) they should of been removed .
BUT all told it was a good event. This is meant as constructive criticism. Thanks for a good day

Reviewed using Eventrac, Apr 2022
Adrian Colloff

Fabulous route. Well organised. Good value.

Only put maybe for beginners as I did mega route - that one's not for a beginner cyclist. I'm sure the shorter routes were just as great though.

Reviewed using Eventrac, Apr 2022

Great route - really well connected gravel tracks I wasn't aware of.

Reviewed using Eventrac, Apr 2022
gary clarke

good example of how to run a successful sportive

well done. Great organisation, good comms, well-signed, well-run., the most friendly and helpful marshalls. Good route. T-shirt is a nice bonus (personally, I'm not interested in the finisher's medal). suggestions for improvement: Relocate the feed stations to earlier in the lap. Not much point having the biggest feed 20km from the finish. If you could heat up the spinach / curry pie, that would be amazing.

Reviewed using Eventrac, Apr 2022
Daniel Evans

Good event, poor signage!

Like quite a few riders I accidentally ended up on the mega route. I think this was due to poor signage in Ideford, where the Medio and Mega routes split. By the time I realised it was too late!

Reviewed using Eventrac, Apr 2022
Chris Martin

A little Sunday epic

Fantastic signage, attention to detail and AMAZING marshalls. Cake stop was great too, and perfectly placed.
A very well organised event, and some stunning scenery and trails too!!

Reviewed using Eventrac, Apr 2022
Stephen Crossman

Well done to the organisers! I look forward to next year.

Well thought out route, major climbs on road, flowy descents on fast off road, some technical some easy, good balanced track choice.
Nice to have some good quality "proper" food at the feed stops, the quiches in particular were excellent.

Reviewed using Eventrac, Apr 2022
John Clamp

Haldon Heroic Rocks!

Great event for all skill levels. Well organised, safe and very enyobale. Scenery was a bonus too. Would hoghly recommend.

Reviewed using Eventrac, Apr 2022

Challenging route, stunning views, amazing flapjacks

The climbing was challenging but worth it for the decents. Also a track pump at the first feed station would have been useful. Thank you to everyone for their kindness. The food was scrumptious at the feed stations and I'll certainly look forward to joining you for another event

Reviewed using Eventrac, Apr 2022