Midnight Half, Full and Ultra Marathon

Next Race: 06/07/2024

The Marathon starts at 5pm Saturday evening and you need to be on your last lap by Midnight.

.All finishers will also receive a bespoke Finishers Medal and Technical T-Shirt.

The feedback from last year’s race was amazing 100% on Runners world web site

We now have our UK Athletics race licence. It took a time but we got there is the end.

The race brief will be going out on the Wednesday before the race with all your race numbers.

We have now registered the Midnight Marathon with UK athletics. The course has been verified that its 26.2 miles. The event will now count as a good for age Marathon spot for the 2024 London Marathon.

We have now added the run course above. It’s the same course we use for the Midnight Man Triathlon. It’s flat and very fast.

This will be the fastest ever marathon courses you will take part in. You will run 8 laps that will take you past the finish each time. We will have music playing all night and that’s where the main support will be.

The main water station is at the finish of every lap and if it’s a warm night there will be a 2nd water stop on the run course. We will also be given out High 5 energy drinks at the main water station.

The race is limited to 200 competitors only.

Car parking is free and is only 400m from the race start.

Registration will open at 3.00pm and will close at 4.40pm. We will hold a short race brief just before the start.

There will changing area for male and female competitors. There will also be bag drop off area.  We will also have a tea wagon that will be open all night. There will also be a rest area for you to go after the race and have some free food and drinks.

The fast track bus route will be running till Midnight so please keep off the road except at the point that we cross you over.

If you are bringing Children with you please keep them away from the water at all times.

Midnight Half, Full and Ultra Marathon no-group

  • 06/07/2024, 17:00

    9th Midnight Marathon

    26.22 M run club name £39.00
  • 06/07/2024, 17:00

    9th Midnight Half Marathon

    13.11 M run £29.00
  • 06/07/2024, 17:00

    9th Midnight Marathon Ultra

    52.22 Km run £39.00 - £39.99